LunchBox: Pastrami-Wrapped Rainbow Salad (Paleo)

by - January 25, 2015

Again, this lunch is a healthy, easy, fun, and cheap way to add interest to your mid-day break without turning to the often disappointing convenience options in supermarkets (click here to see my post on real meal deals). It's completely carb-free so no need to worry about gluten, makes a nice alternative to a sandwich and is part of the paleo diet and was inspired by a paleo diet recipe and my love for wraps. Wraps are good compact meals and easy to transport in your lunchbox and the biggest point here is that, popular to contrary belief, they don't have to be some sort of bread product.

 Seaweed is used as the wrap in these two recipes: no-rice sushi wraps, brown-rice hand rolls or you could even make lots of little gluten-free easy salmon canapes or you could use meat; when my friend Rosie (Posie) came over for a meal around Christmas, I cooked her this:
Kale and mushroom stuffed chicken breast with seasonal veg tied with Parma ham.
Extra protein in place of carbs is no bad thing. You get enough carbs from the veg.
This time we are using Pastrami and there's no cooking of any veg. Still simple, still beautiful.

Cut whatever veg you like into thin strips. 
Get a slice of Pastrami and spread a small amount of wholegrain mustard on it.

Put your veg in the middle, wrap it up and secure it with a cocktail stick.

Get yourself a salad base to bulk up your lunch box, I used watercress, a natural peppery partner to beef, cherry toms and pickled beetroot.

...and the cocktail sticks double up as toothpicks :)

This has it all: Green, yellow, orange, purple, red, darker red and even darker green. Variety is the spice of life and the colours aren't only there to look pretty. The reason why colourful food is so attractive? because each colour contains unique vitamins and minerals, all of which we need to function effectively and stay buff.
Generally red and orange fruits are bringing the highest amount of vitamin C and beta-carotene which converts to A, great for your immune system, skin, hair and vision. Green contain iron, folic acid, magnesium and more and the darker purple and blue guys bring generally more antioxidants and other less heard of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin K and phosphorous. For more information on the nutritional content of fruit and veg and their colours, click here

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