Wakey Wakey! Eggs and Bacey! Hangover Cure

by - January 24, 2015

You may have seen this before on one of those "cool kitchen hacks" lists or somewhere and wanted to try it but feared it might be too hard, too techical? Either way, it really isn't and it's fun to look at your eggs in their bacon cups, its just hard to eat because you don't want to spoil it haha. It's a creative way to have the weekend English classic: eggs and bacon. Kids and adults alike will love it

It's carb-free and totally filling, everyone gets 4 rashers of bacon each (that's loads, you say? Yes, this is for the hungry hungover people and protein is what your body needs, I promise you) and eggs will sort out any hangover you may have this fine Saturday morning because they contain large amounts of cysteine, which breaks down the toxins making you feel rough. Bread you may think will 'soak it up' but you'll use so much energy digesting it that you will just feel more tired. I'm definately having eggs! 

All you need is a muffin baking tray and the ingredients.

I made a salad out of spinach, tomatoes, cheese and a little red onion to set off the cheese. 
Cheese is also good for hangovers! For more info click here for the Munchies by Vice article. 

So how to do it:

Fry your bacon for about 4 minutes in rapeseed oil if poss or olive oil.
Then place two slices in each hole of the muffin tray. Big end to small end so it's of even size all the way round. 

Then crack an egg into each cup and bake on 170 for about 10 minutes according to taste. I wanted runny yolks, up to you. For crispier bacon, fry it for longer first but you want it bendy still to mould round the cups, see?

While they are cooking, get your base ready...

Bush bash bosh we're done. Transfer to plate using two dessert spoons for easy handling.

Season, enjoy and feel better :-)

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