Chilli-Honey Glazed Chicken with Coconut, Lime & Mango Quinoa and Spiralized Courgette

by - January 29, 2015

EPIC, well-matched components make this so good - Spicy, sticky chicken, creamy, soft quinoa with lime zest, tangy mango and beans adding interest finished with courgetti...

 The Lime & Mango Quinoa is part of this recipe is another adapted Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F**k Cookbook Recipe 

All these guys are friends. Coconut loves lime and mango. Chicken loves honey and chilli. Chilli loves coconut. Chicken loves beans and rice (quinoa now). More love triangles than a Xmas episode of Eastenders. This recipe is the first of a few using this Mexican Chili Honey. Another extremely versatile product from The Chilli Shop; it's always worth having something cool in your cupboard to easily dress-up meals when the chips are down, turning them from lacklustre to impressive.

Substantial and nutritious, I substituted rice for quinoa for personal reasons (quinoa brings more protein and is better all round) but it would work perfectly as intented, with rice (brown please, "Eat like you give a fuck")

Spiralized courgette is aesthetically pleasing and takes no time at all to cook. If you are trying to get kids or even yourself to eat more veg, this format might just help to sell it. Not going to lie, you could leave this out as the other two components are perfectly balanced, I'm just veg-mad and wanted to use my new spiralizer.

To Make:

8 free range chicken drumsticks
1/4 jar chilli honey
Half a cereal bowl of quinoa
Half a can of coconut milk
Tin of kidney beans
One lime
Bunch of coriander
Garlic, onion & root ginger for frying
Rapeseed oil
Half a mango
One courgette

Pre heat the oven to 200 degrees
Smother your chicken in the chilli honey and plenty of salt and pepper and bang it in the top of your oven. This heat at the beginning will crisp and blacken the skin giving you some caramalised bits but it will get turned down later. Boil the kettle.

Spiralize your courgette if youre on board with this and set aside for steaming later on. I got mine from amazon for £7

In a saucepan fry some garlic, onion and ginger. After a few minutes add the quinoa until it smells slightly toasted. Pour on the boiling water and cover. Simmer like this for about 10-15 minutes or until done.

Turn your chicken down to 180.

When the quinoa is done, drain it and stir in the coconut milk. Then add the beans and the juice and zest of the lime. Turn the heat off put keep it covered.

Put your plates in the oven to warm.

Fill another pan with hot water and place a colander or steamer over it with the courgette in. Cover and leave for 3 mins.

Check your chicken is cooked through
and when it is, plate up.

Sprinkle over some coriander and Bob is your muvvas bruvva.

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