Paleo Brunch: Baked Egg "Muffins"

by - February 06, 2015

I'm on a baked eggs hype of late, they're just cracking ;-) and these are easy, tasty and eggciting..
Again this recipe is completely carb-free, paleo, hangover-be-gone food ideal for weekend brunch or great post work-out food as it's clean and has a high protein content. If you love each separate part of a breakfast as it is. E.g. the peppery buttery mushrooms, the delicate wilted spinach, the burstable egg yolk and the white respectively, this maybe isn't for you but if you're cool with breakfast hashes, give it a go. Also good for keeping in the fridge and reheating quickly in the microwave for weekdays...

So to make 6, I used a handful of mushrooms, chopped small, a big handful of spinach, 4 eggs salt pepper and garlic oil. Serve it with whatever else you like, roasted vine tomatoes and asparagus would be good.
Lightly fry whatever veg you are going to bake into the muffins and then transfer a little of the mixture into each muffin hole (that sounds rude, apologies)
Then beat your eggs in a jug and season with salt and lots of cracked black pepper and pour over the veg mix as below. I was using a silicone baking tray so there was no need to lube it up but you will need to if yours is metal.

And then place into a preheated oven of 150 along with your other veg to be baked, the vine tomatoes etc, for 10-15 mins. Just check on them, ovens vary.

When they look like this they are ready:

Firm little patties

Remove with a spoon, add a sprinkle of chili if you like and serve with your preferred accompaniments. 

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