Paleo Fish & Chips!

by - February 24, 2015

An updated version of the traditional English Classic: Fish & Chips


Fish and chips, another traditional English classic that is so often bland. Here's an idea to keep the concept, as it works so well, but updated to accomodate the scientific advances nutrition has made that show we don't need carbs like white potato to complete our meals and, ironically (how has it taken us so long to realise basic, natural food is best?!) take it back to it's primal state. Here's how to create the above, all you need is £5.

You can obviously use any fish for "fish and chips" and it's fun to mix it up. Plus, cod is so over fished now - give the little buggers a break!

Smoked basa (like haddock) cost me 1.99 for two fillets (reduced)
Watercress £1
Sweet potato £1
Lime 40p
Jar of black sliced olives less than a quid

All you do is cube the sweet potato, drizzle in oil, salt, pepper and a touch of chilli powder and bake on 200 for 20 minutes, turning down to 150 when you put the fish in. Make a house out of foil for the fish and it will steam in the oven and be ready in 15 mins.

Dress the watercress with olive oil and lime juice and halved black olives.

When cooked, add a blob of butter (optional) on top of your fish to make it delicious and ano squeeze of the lime or keep it clean and lean with just lime.

I can't stress enough how easy, delicious and cheap this is to make, it's so worth trying.

It's still rare to find good, and by good I mean good for your body, places to get fish and chips; my students are aaaalways asking where the best is and before I was like wellllll.... with actually no answers but there is a fantastic new place in Hove, called Wolfies which has responsibly sourced fish and gluten-free options - it feels good to confidently send them there :-)

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  1. Nice and interesting post. Your choose a very good topic. In your topic i found a lots of information. You share a lots of yummy dish and tips. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Hi William, glad you like it! I hope you give it a go one day and any of the other recipes. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. It's a pleasure x