FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Lemon & Walnut Pesto on Courghetti with Salmon

by - March 24, 2015

A recipe based on foods which improve your serotonin and happiness levels. Homemade walnut and lemon pesto served on courgette noodles and glazed salmon skewers. 

It's been a while since I posted a recipe because I have been going through some tough times and sometimes it's hard to pull yourself up. However, I have realised that cooking always makes me feel better and by practising what I preach, I scooped up some foods which improve your mood and made a meal of them...literally

For those of you who don't know, serotonin is a neurotransmitter biochemically derived from tryptophan, an essential amino acid. Certain foods contain tryptophan and by eating them you can help improve your well-being and happiness levels. I studied Applied Psychology at University and did my dissertation on well-being so it's always been a strong area of interest for me and it's fascinating how much food can help your health. Your emotional health is so closely linked to your physical health, especially the relationship between the stomach/gut and the mind. Think about people's 'gut reactions' to things, or feeling sick when you have been upset or off your food, or over-eating/comfort eating. All linked.


Dark Green Leafy Veg
Lean Protein like eggs
Fatty Fish

"FATTY FISH YES, that is EXACTLY what I want!!" The taste of salmon makes me melt :)

Also, deeply love with the spiralizer, I've wanted to make some home made pesto for a while so after a brief session on google, came up with an idea for a simple lemon and walnut pesto and it goes like this:
The skewers were pre-bought from Big Tesco - in a BBQ glaze. Not my work. Delicious. Well done Tesco.

For the Pesto:

About 15 walnut halves
A few big bunches of basil
1.5 lemons and the rind of half of one
2 cloves of garlic - I put three in and it was way too much
a biiiig glug of olive oil
a big pinch of salt

and just whizz it all together in a blender, tasting and adding more or less of anything.

Then plunge the courgetti into boiling water for a couple of minutes and sear the salmon

And mix the pesto into the hot courgetti before plating up!

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