The Benefits of Cacao Tea (Chocolate Tea!)

by - April 13, 2015


Cacao tea from Peru

Cacao, or "chocolate" tea, is simply made from steeping cacao bean husks in hot water to create a delicate, chocolatey infusion which has numerous health benefits. As well as being zero calories and hydrating, this is real chocolate. REAL. So no guilt, no sugar cravings, no unwanted fat and no bullshit.

Cacao bean husks

What's so good about it?

Natural cacao is different to cocoa. Dyslexic's nightmare but if you get to grips with it you'll be a winner. Cacao provides magnesium, potassium, vitamin c and something called theobromine, which is a relative of caffeine, like a neice. It's weaker than caffeine but will perk you up a bit, just without the rubbish side effects like headaches and the shakes.

Cacao is also a natural antioxidant said to be better than green tea and red wine and an aphrodisiac - but you already knew that ;-)

Real chocolate is so much better nutritionally than all the standard loveable shop chocolate, personally I am a sucker for a Milkyway, but I swear it's just sugar additiction, habit and a quick fix that we crave. Once it's been eaten, what positive real effects do you experience beyond taste?

Organic chocolate is expensive and more difficult to find but if you have a bag of Cacao tea in your cupboard you can easily brew a fix.

I got this bag on my travels from The Choco Museum in Cuzco, Peru. Now before you go searching for your passport and selling your car and children, it is also available in the UK and I reccomend you have a little look on amazon for it.

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