Egg Baked Peppers with Roasted Veg (Paleo)

by - April 17, 2015

Crazy baked eggs inside bell peppers with roasted vegetables. Paleo. Vegetarian. Delicious.

This traffic light set of a meal came together because I wanted to eat roasted vegetables with eggs and have learnt through the success of my blog post "Egg baked avocado..." that you love it as an idea as it saves on: Cooking (two birds one stone in the pepper) Extra calories that frying eggs in oil adds and Skill (not everyone can poach an egg - they can be right slippery customers!) This is simple...
You want to get your eggs so the white is hard and the yolk is soft so you can dip your roasted veg in the yolk. MMM sweet potato dipped in hot egg yolk so ideally you should roast the peppers first as they take a while to cook through. If ease is what you want, bang all the veg you want (here I used courgette and sweet potato) and the peppers in one pan together and bake at 150 until soft. Then simply crack the eggs in, return to oven and keep a beady eye on them until they are done.

If nurturing delicate nutrients is what you want, you will be happy to have your peppers a little more on the raw side, preserving most of their vitamin C and keeping their precious antioxidants intact. So introduce the eggs to the peppers while everyone is in a raw state and they will all grow hot together in the oven. What's that? Does it mean it is better for you if all the vegetables are friends? well I can't answer that but probably.

NB if you are going to go from raw - it will take a while and you won't necessarily get soft yolks. So I advise roasting your peppers a little before hand and depending on how small you chopped it, the rest of the veg. At this size I would put the veg in at the same time as the eggs for about 15 minutes on 150-180. All timings are approximate!!! 


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