All Raw Paleo Berry Trifle

by - May 18, 2015

A super delicious 100% raw 'cheesecake' or 'trifle' dessert which is all full of goodness and super easy to make.

Have your cake and eat it with this one! Can you imagine eating what looks like an entire cheesecake with the knowledge that not you are only doing your body good? unbelievable. 100% guilt free. Paleo baking is the way foward. So many people have a raving sweet tooth so satisfy it as nature intended and reap the rewards with glowing skin, more concentration, less stress and less anxiety. Sugar actually increases our stress levels. Did you notice stressed backwards is desserts? It's a vicious cycle. You feel sad, you eat a mars bar, you eat a mars bar, you feel sad.

It takes a while to actually accept that it is completely good because it's so hard wired in our heads what a trifle or a cheesecake is - to comprehend it's made of all natural ingredients is both baffling and amazing. Amazingly good news.

It's more like a breakfast than a dessert - almonds and cashews and coconut oil which your skin will thank you for, packed with magnesium to ease anxiety and stress and improve focus, topped with a variety of berries, which are just coming into season so are at their best and, as we all know, are a superfood containing the highest amount of vitamin C. I used cherries, raspberries, redcurrants, blackberries and strawberries.

I worked verbatim from this recipe, so must credit where credit's due, and adapted it slightly, to contain more variety of berries and a different topping as I made it for my housemate's birthday so I spelt his name in coconut on the top :)

It is absolutely delicious. The date and almond crust is so sweet and the sharp berries against the creamy coconut cashewy centre is heaven. YUM! Addicted to paleo baking now! watch this space everyone with birthdays!

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