The Asda Meat Up!

by - September 03, 2015

Last Thursday, on #Nationalburgerday, The Boy walked me up to Brighton station in the pouring rain to meet 37 other bloggers who I had never met before, who were to be taken somewhere they'd never been before - all we knew was that it was 'a house'. Naturally the fear took over for a split second and I envisaged some kind of seige situation where we were all getting kidnapped but then I realised that wouldn't happen in Brighton (it's the 4th safest city in the world, did you know?) and allowed myself to become super excited.

They piled us into two Big Lemon buses (run on used cooking oil - appropriate and eco-friendly, nice one, Asda) and off we chugged into the hills of Brighton. My first guess was that it would be on Dyke Road and we were going to be neighbouring Zoella and all the other millionaires but then the bus turned out towards the Marina and I thought ok, it's Roedean Crescent (Used to have a  flower delivery job in Brighton a few years ago which afforded me some great knowledge of the area) but was wrong again and we pulled into a delightful Air BnB house in Woodingdean.

Straight away we could smell the BBQ and hear the joviality of the evening rising up into the garden, which was decorated with games for everyone to get involved with and at this point the rain had stopped for us, which was nice.

We were given name tags showing with our Twitter handles and blog URLs which irradicated having to introduce yourself as an 'AT' something. There's nothing worse is there?! "Hi, I'm Raw Rhubarb" - actually I'm Jenna so you can look at my twitter (on my wrist - harder to see) when you've met the person behind it!

I wasn't very good at networking and only really connected with a handful of people as I was more interested in the food and drinks, but those who I did speak to, I found really interesting and there are certain people I will definitely meet up with for fun and future drinks!

The drinks were incredible - gin, elderflower, soda and lemon HELLO or Pimms or whatever you want actually as I was drinking gin, soda and cucumber a lot of the time.

The food was the highlight of the event - we had:

BBQ Pulled Pork Burgers with slaw and parsley
Vintage cheddar beef burgers with bacon, mayo, relish and salad

Halloumi burger with red pepper, houmous, aubergine, lettuce and tomato

Peach and mushroom burgers with guacamole, mozzarella cheese, rosemary, tomatoes and rocket

Lemon & honey sea bass
Barbequed salmon with cucumber yoghurt

Here's a selection of the best photos from the night shot by the event's photographer:

Yes we had a live jazz band!

Do you like burgers? Did you celebrate #Nationalburgerday? Maybe you like making your own - let's face it they're better if you can pimp them exactly to your liking, and then some! Click on my
'Rosemary Beef Burger on a Portabello Mushroom with Cheddar Cheese, Onion Chutney, Rocket, Asparagus and Cherry Tomatoes! ' recipe which shows you how to make a carb-free burger, if you are watching your weight (who isn't?!) and want to taste an incredible flavour combination. It's easy, too and if you were at the event it contains some of the same flavours as the peach and mushroom burger so you can recreate the amazingness! (minus the great chefs, of course!)

Here's a link to some of the ingredeints you could buy from Asda to make that happen. I won the £50 social media prize by tweeting this photo of everyone on the bus home and I'm having a very tight month, therefore I will be writing a blog post showing everyone how I'm going to make £50 go a very long way on food and hopefully inspire some frugal feeding amongst you! We all spend way more than we need to! Money saved is money spent on you in the future :) Took me 26 years to realise this but hey I guess that's just growing up for you!

Thank you so much to Talented Talkers for inviting me, everyone who came and of course Asda for providing everything, it was a truly fantastic event which left everyone with a great taste in their mouth. We haven't stopped talking about it!

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