Bacon Wrapped Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Fritters!

by - October 30, 2015

Pumpkin or Sweet Potato Wrapped In Bacon! Gives Two Fingers To The Recent WHO Study That Says Bacon Is Bad For You! Also The Final In The
 "5 Ways To Use Pumpkin" Series. Use Leftover Pumpkin! 

 Everyone loves bacon and that study by The World Health Organisation which says the damage to our health is equivalent to that of smoking, can simply be rejected by the beauty of these; we're never stopping. Are you with me?

It's a great way to use up any bacon sitting in the fridge leftover from the weekend and everyone loves a fritter!

Serves 1 - double it, triple it 

1/2 a large sweet potato - grated
or the equivalent in pumpkin - grated
1 crushed garlic clove
Big pinch of black pepper
Bit of paprika
3 rashers of streaky bacon
1 tbsp gram flour

Update: I've taken the egg and red onion out in favour of extra spice and less wetness

Mix all that lot together

 then form into smallish patties and squeeze in your hand then wrap a rasher of bacon round them 

and fry on a dry griddle on medium for 5 minutes on each side.
Words from The Boy were, 'Oh my god this is SO nice' 

So are you going to try it?

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