The Real Deal With Eating Peel

by - November 04, 2015

Article on which fruit peels are edible, which are better cooked and what peel can do for you

An exploration of which fruit and veg skins are edible, which are better cooked, and what peel can do for you - including lowering cholesterol, lifting mood, whitening skin & weight loss

I really enjoy the looks I get upon biting into a kiwi like it’s an apple. People double take and then hesitantly ask “Are you eating the skin?”.  “Yup.” I reply,  through a mouthful of furry, tangy kiwi peel and bright green juice dribbling out of my mouth as I smile – it’s fun shocking people.But there is method in the madness – for a start kiwi skin is edible and it’s only through social norms and conditioning that we have learnt to peel our fruit and vegetables. Our ancestors wouldn’t have had peelers or cared about what the acceptable way to eat them would be. Yes, some may claim that it is unpleasant to eat a mouthful of the hairy skin of a kiwi so it is essentially down to personal preference but the skin and just below it contains a wealth of nutrients, vitamins and minerals –  so if you do choose to omit it, you are losing out.


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