Sober October: A RRRound-up

by - November 03, 2015

Happy November! Here's October's round up of recent adventures both culinary and not and a chance to catch up on recent recipes you may have missed...

Really sorry for the rushed vibes this blog post has, I'm so busy at the moment, so sorry if anything is missed!

Sober October

Fresh sober faces  about to take our first sips!
The Boy and I willingly gave up alcohol for 30 days!
We did this for many reasons but primarily to save money & for health reasons.
We had a heavy September  and were both (relatively) fat and skint.
The results were better than we could have imagined.
Yes, there were a few times where we really wanted a drink,
such as when he got a new job and we had to celebrate with cake,FFS
 but we persevered, until the end, and felt amazing for it.
Can we get a round of applause?! Thanks.
 Sleep was amazing, waking up before the alarm each day with energy and positive thoughts about the day was amazing.
 Mental health was fab - no anxiety.
No guilt about money spent on boozing/bad food.
More productivity due to the perceived longer days (being hungover or drunk really wastes days).
Physically we had looser fitting clothes.
Weight loss comments.
Whiter eyes and clearer skin.
And financially, we were far better off with more money to buy new trainers: SPICEWORLD!
If you can't lick them when they're new, when CAN you lick them?!
If you could buy all those things in a pill, they'd be flying off the shelves! 
My liver this month.
Check the badge.

We decided to break our fast by going for a couple of highly civilised ales at local inn, Wetherspoons.
My drink of choice to break the fast
but after having our tolerance reset by about 5 years, it ended in inevitable carnage...
Can you guess where we are?

 Yes, stinking, splitting, piercing headaches, nausea, insomnia and terrible guilt, fear 
and the rest. Sigh. 
Thanks Halloween, I thought you were cool.


A couple of different looks this year. 
Little dead riding hood who had been done in the eye by the wolf.
 Yes I think 'little' is appropriate: Did I mention I've lost weight, give a cheer! 
More on that to come...



 This month has been film-heavy with the likes of the following (sober nights)
Which I've summed up nicely for you:

Spectre - Far fetched. Daniel Craig is not fit enough to get three different women of that standard.
Gone Girl - Gone mad actually. Poor guy.
Interstellar - Space is fucking MENTAL!
Legend - Somebody give Tom Hardy an Oscar, now please.
Bring on Black Mass!
What do you think of these films?

Short Hot Flush Film Festival

On a film note, Iain and I catered for the first ever Short Flush Film Festival which you can read all about by clicking here.


 I bought my dad a witches broom for Halloween because he is sweet and likes sweet things. I also thought he deserves a little shout out because he's amazing.
Hi Dad!

I especially enjoyed that all the mini rolls inside the witches room had things like this on them. 

My Dean Cain (Now) Keyring!

hahahahaha this makes me laugh every time. 
At work we were talking about first crushes and I admitted to loving Dean Cain from The Adventures of Superman...
but then someone suggested we look at what he looks like now 
and it was... different 
and then someone made me a keyring
 Of a Ricky Gervais-esque Dean Cain 
ohhhh LOL


Absolutely loving these on a daily basis for breakfast:
They are so filling due to their high fat content - the only thing is, they are expensive.
Until TESCO came to the rescue with frozen avocado halves! 10 for £2.50!
Absolute god send. Well done Tesco.
We need more of this assistance in eating well on a budget please, supermarket giants.

The Colour Run

Ahh this was amazing! We ran 5k and got covered in powdered paint! We made the mistake of walking all the way to the race start point, running the race and then walking back again, though - 17k in total! ouchy the next day! #legsofsteel #thighscouldkillarabbit

And Finally, Food! 

There's been some delicious numbers this month! Rosie and I decided to have Xmas dinner because we both needed it and Waitrose served up some out-of-this-world gravy plus PIGS IN BLANKETS - no other supermarkets are doing them yet, FYI - hurry UP.
The Boy & I made sushi during one of our sober Saturday nights - this is with brown rice and the outer rolls are completely rice free. Click here for the recipe
More mozzarella - this time with tomato, peppers, spinach and torn basil. Making work lunches buff.

Another work lunch - taking boiled eggs is 'en vogue' at the moment - so easy, just make them the night before!

Kerri made these cute little cupcakes to take to work for halloween! I thought they deserved a shout out!
 Green Salad & Chicken Lettuce Tacos - Click here for the recipe
 A quick monday night dinner - Grilled salmon, tenderstem, spinach & chorizo
 Parma Ham Wrapped Mozzarella-stuffed figs with Tenderstem & Orange Zest - click here for the recipe
 Citrus Roast Chicken, Pumpkin Chips, Courgette & Mint Salad & Chorizo for Primal Eye
 Oh pumpkin chips, you so cool!
Bacon Wrapped Pumpkin Fritters - click here for the recipe
 and finally Vietnamese summer rolls which will be coming soon!

What have you been upto in October? did you dress up? eat pumpkin? see any films? 
Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on social media (links below and above) for more RR Fun, Fit Food & Recipes! 


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  1. i love all the pumpkin recipes and have had loads of pumpkin given to me (freshly grown one) as my own one from the co op fell apart and was rotten inside.!..have made pumpkin soup with bone stock..and have roasted some of it..but would like to try the fritters and the chips asap...great stuff and well done for alchol fast for a month..x