New Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten Free Restaurant 1847

by - December 01, 2015


Now if you read this blog on the regs, you'll see that reviews are something I rarely do.  However, I was invited to the launch party of a new veggie/vegan restaurant in the North Laine area and I thought I'd go along to see what was there...

New Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten Free Restaurant 1847

You'll have to be forgiving for the quality of the photos - my phone is terrible in the dark! 

So let's be completely honest. I got there pretty late as I was at another event before hand and was worried that arriving 40 minutes before it was due to end was going to mean missing the food that normally goes round at these launches and not having much time to meet anyone.

I was WRONG.

There was still plenty of delicious food and the manager, bar staff and host were all lovely!

They first bought these out:

Which from left to right are: "Fish and Chips" "Merguez & Mash" and the "Onion Bahji" from the menu below (which I hope you can read) 

The first being this delicious crispy halloumi bite on some green pea puree and a crispbread - obviously you can't really put the whole meal into a bite, but what was conveyed here was quality and innovation. 
The lentil sausage was tasty! It has a strangely meaty taste, considering it's meat free, which was owed to the red onion gravy which was inside the 'sausage' - cool concept, lentil sausages. The Bjahi was crispy, tasty and not greasy. 

We then got given a plate of crisped sweet potato ribbons with crackers and harrissa yoghurt. Now, I'm not a huge fan of crackers at the moment because my teeth are playing up and anything like that which is like a biscuit is not friends with my teeth. The sweet potatoes, on the other hand, oh my DAYS. Yum! I wished there was more! 

The highlight of the evening was the cocktails because we had more of those than anything else! It's refreshing to see a bar which does veggie & vegan food which has a bar! Vegetarian and vegan food often gets a bad rap for being pretentious or overly healthy and it's nice to have a reminder that vegans are fun. No offence but I feel that could be a consensus. Also there aren't many restaurants of it's kind in Brighton so it's worth a visit. 

Now check out these cocktails: 

We had the Myzo:
Which was as 'refreshing' as a cocktail can be! Nice and straight up with elderflower which everyone loves and misses now summers over, with the sweetness taken down a few pegs by the chilli. Well balanced. 

Next up was the 'Roux De Barb' which I had to have 'cos I'm Raw Rhubarb, innit. 
It was good but needs a cool garnish, guys. 

Here we have the Pineapple and sage martini and the daiquiri which were both 'knock your socks off' strong and the pineapple and sage was preferred over the daiquiri. 

And finally, the manager, Jamie, who's a joker - and gave me trainer compliments too - kindly wouldn't let us leave without trying the "Dill or no dill". I LOVE the name haha where do you come up with this stuff?! It's pure jokes! Kept having images of Noel Edmonds popping his little bushy head round the corner at any moment. It was REALLY good this one. Definitely my favourite and I don't normally even like dill! Maybe that is the answer to me liking dill! 

So that's it, short and sweet: The food I tried was really nice AND I was full when I got there from the other event, so with a dampened appetite to say the food is good means it's a winner. The cocktails are fun and not as pretentious as other cocktail bars - by that I mean they're not too complicated and you don't have to wait a thousand years for each one. Even at a busy launch. Well done guys. See you soon. 

Have you been to 1847? What do you think about the veggie, vegan dining scene in Brighton?

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