Warm Winter Salad With Duck, Roasted Chestnuts, & Sweet Cranberry Sauce

by - December 23, 2015

This is the epitome of winter – of Christmas! Cranberries reducing on the stove top while chestnuts roast in the oven. Oh hello Santa!

Duck legs are amazingly cheap – I got three huge beauties for £4 and used the meat for two of them for this meal (one leg per portion) with the other one to snack on for me and whoever is lucky enough to be in the kitchen when it’s time to shred it.
The tart notes of the cranberries, although muted by the maple syrup, is detectable and helps to balance the richness of the duck.
A warm salad made up mostly of vegetables so your body will love the lightness but it’s bejewelled with festive classics which balance each other and taste amazing. As always, celebrate what’s in season and at this time we are blessed with kale, delightful creamy chestnuts, plump sour cranberries, and game.
My favourite way to have tenderstem now is to sautee it in garlic and butter. The florets grip the flavour so well and the butter glosses the stem, making it beautiful. If you are feeling like you’ve over indulged

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