Beef & Onion Cheese Burger With Butternut Squash Rings & Red Pesto

by - January 26, 2016

Homemade oniony beef burgers layered between gooey melted cheese topped with red pesto, garnished with tomatoes and bulked out with butternutf***ingsquash. So tasty it's unreal. FEEED! You need this in your life.

I've been wanting to do an update on the burger for a while since posting THIS RECIPE HERE around a year ago...

rosemary beef burger portabello mushroom asparagus recipe

Now since we have the new camera, I thought it would be the perfect time. It's hard being a food blogger you see. Everything revolves around natural light! #firstworldproblems. But the best food photos are taken in white light - if you have a shit camera that is. This one is so amazing that it can take foodpornworthy photos withOUT a flash, inside, at night time.  Which is great news for you! It means more food! More posts! More recipes! 

Onion rings are good aren't they?! I haven't got round to making my own yet but would like to some day so stay tuned for a healthy-ier take on the filthy but kinda amazing ones you get in horrendous places. 

It's good having butternut squash involved as it adds substance - it's super nutritious, filling enough to substitute the bread without leaving you starving and is easy to cook. Plus it's original so if you have someone to impress or just want to enjoy eating something new, give it a go!

Red pesto is just normal shop bought tomato and ricotta pesto that makes EVERYTHING taste good. Cheese has that effect doesn't it?!


250g Beef mince
1/2 Red Onion
Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil
As many butter nut squash rings as you want (they're around 3/4 inch thick)
As much grated cheese as you want
Big dollop of red pesto
2 fresh ripe tomatoes, sliced

Oil up your butternut squash (no need to peel) and place it on a grill or a griddle. These will take about ten minutes on high

In a bowl mix your onion and mince and season well before adding a huge glug of olive oil. Squash it all together with your hands and form into burgers and fry on a griddle on medium-high for around 5 minutes each side.

When done, stack it all up with layers of grated cheese and tomatoes and then add your pesto and place the whole thing under the grill to melt the cheese

Enjoy your sexy gooey tower while it lasts....

I preferred mashing mine all together in the end and adding extra salt and pepper. 

What do you think? Ever tried vegetables in place of the bread in a burger before? How did it go?

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