PRIMAL EYE: Lime and Chilli Chicken Rainbow Bliss Bowl with Cashew Butter Dressing

by - January 25, 2016

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Lime and Chilli Chicken Rainbow Bliss Bowl with Cashew Butter Dressing

Creamy cashew butter dressing with a kick of fresh ginger balances spicy, warming chicken breast – and all with a nutritious crunchy salad to set you up properly for the new year.

If you didn’t get a spiraliser for Christmas it’s probably about time you headed out to the sales and got yourself one. Come on it’s so 2016. They are so handy – faster than grating and always fun. Okay fine – if you don’t have one and have no intention of joining the brigade, old school grating works just the same.

The festive season is lovely, isn’t it? Lazing around with friends and family and eating eating eating and then hello January and it’s all gone in a flash. With those fairy lights and mince pies staring at me with guilt-inducing flashbacks, I’m always super keen to put it behind me and look towards the future, to the new year, new aspirations, goals and ventures. What are you hoping to achieve? I’m sure for the most of us, the old classic ‘weight-loss’ and ‘to be fitter’ are topping the list after all the over indulging. It’s also a time to re-assess other areas in our lives and give ourselves a confidence boost when some goals seem so far away. To start slowly is what you need. Little and often. Getting into the habit of preparing food and planning meals has been one of my favourite accomplishments this year as it’s meant I’ve saved money as well as lost weight because clean eating is easy when you plan ahead.

It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle and a celebration of whole, unprocessed foods. You just need to ensure you always have plenty of fresh vegetables in the house, keep reading recipe ideas and find your happy medium amount of time willing to spend on food prep per day/week.

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