Duck Legs, Creamed Celeriac & Spring Greens

by - January 03, 2016

How to make an easy duck recipe with celeriac, cream, cumin seeds & buttery spring greens

Duck legs! Do you have them in your life!? They are SO FIT! All they need is seasoning and 30 minutes later, heaven. So cheap too! £4 for three massive legs! Get on the duck game with this easy recipe...

Full of omega-3 (good fats), duck is a juicy, delicious meat that you can eat pink, so don't dry it out. Duck is so often cooked to death which makes people disown it. Meat on the bone is always juicier than breast and tastier too, IMO. 

Celeriac is delicious and only takes a few minutes on the boil or steam, it's also cheap and adds a lot of variety to normal root vegetable choices. It can also be eaten raw - Click here or on the photo below to see my Tuna Steak Recipe With Celeriac & Rocket Salad.

But it tastes amazing with cream and lightly spiced in cumin seeds. 

Ok, back to the duck. Here's what you need:

Ingredients (Serves 2)

3 duck legs (share the third one)
Handful of greens (I used spring greens)
3/4 a small celeriac
100ml cream
2 tsp cumin seeds - crushed
25g butter
Sea Salt
Black Pepper

The Method in the madness:

Pre-heat your oven to 200

Season your duck legs and bang them in - they'll take around 30 minutes. 

Meanwhile, peel and largely chop your celeriac.

Bang this in some boiling water about 10 minutes before your duck is ready and place your steamer on the top (if you don't have one, a metal colander will work fine) Add all your spring greens to that and steam for around 4 minutes. 

Drain the celeriac and add the crushed cumin seeds, some seasoning and the cream. 

Butter your veg and plate up! 

Hope you like it!
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