15 things I've learnt in 2015

by - January 01, 2016

2015 Brought about a lot of change for me: it was a very productive year across the board - I sorted out a lot of things and feel aligned and focused as a result of it. Here are 15 things I learnt, of many, in no particular order. 

1. Having more respect for yourself earns respect from others

Say no more. If you don't want to do something, don't. People will respect that you put your own needs first, without being selfish, as it allows you to be a more real, true version of yourself when you are present. Let go of people who won't accept you for who you are. I know that sounds cliche, but you'll progress a lot faster when you are not worrying about hiding who you are around certain people.

Don't need to be SO aggressive but you get the gist! 

2. Girls - Glycolic acid is the dogs bollocks!

 Pixi glow especially but if you can't afford that at £18  (Afford it, seriously it's worth it) get yourself some Nip and Fab exfoliating pads as they contain 5% glycolic acid. It basically exfoliates your skin properly and really helps to prevent spots. Also where the Jeff has Space NK been all my life *£10000 pounds later*

3. Beer is not that bad for you. Come on.

 If you eat like a queen most of the time then you can afford the employ the 80:20 rule here. No it's not some fad diet. Did you know that you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time? It's called the Pareto principle. Live well 80% of the time (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and then booze in the evening! Ok this may be a little misconstrued as it is still December and I'm having as extensive a 'merry xmas' as possible! The worse thing about beer is the gas! 'nuff said. 

4. Wanting new stuff makes you forget what you have! 

Yeah that life changing magic book that I reviewed earlier this month has really whittled down my stuff to only things I love. The result? being aware of all the lovely things I have and not wanting to replace them like they're nothing! Appreciate your faves and get rid of the crap! This can be applied beyond material things!

5. The law of attraction works. 

What do you want? like really want? How often do you talk about it? Read about it? Think about it? Omit those vibes and it will come to you. Thoughts = actions. Visualise negative things and they will also come. Trust. 

6. File it under 'Yolo' - if it doesn't work out, file it under 'Lols' - Yes. Take a risk. 

So you're not sure what to do. Most people regret the things they didn't do. Take a risk. If it works, great, that's what you wanted, right? if it doesn't, it'll be fine, just file it under 'lols' and make a story out of it!

7. Stop worrying about stuff you can't control

I had to have a serious word with myself this year as I became shit scared of terrorism after the Paris attacks and after seeing Derron Brown, who also reinstated this, I tried to take the advice on board. It's a work in progress but when you do remember it, it's so relieving!

8. Regular haircuts are the one. 

Love that salon feeling? Haha sorry, don't mean to get all 'Tresemme' on your ass. But that salon feeeeeeling though! What I'm really talking about is having blunt cut ends that aren't split. I had split ends for bloody ages, we're talking years, before I bit the bullet (first world problems) and got a long bob earlier this year and had 6 week regular trims from September to now. It's so much better. Trust. Quality over quantity as always, darling. 

9. Sugar is the worst

 So I lost weight and I still drink a lot and eat (20%) badly sometimes. By badly I'm talking white tiger bread with butter, pate, fuck loads of chorizo, beer, cheese, potatoes, rice - they're the fave naughties and they're considered bad by some, not all ok. Anyway, since I've quit sugar I feel WAY better, can totes go a bit nuts on the bad stuff just listed and not really pile it on too badly. Sugar however, game changer. Totally ruins your mood and it rots your TEEF. 

10. What's a pilot's favourite crisp flavour? 


11. Getting out of your overdraft is fantastic

 I paid off £2k in 4 instalments. Do it then you don't owe anyone and you got all yo' money. You don't need to spend as much as you do. You don't. Seriously. Think whether buying something is really going to make you happier. Delayed gratification is way better than instant. 

12. Do nice things for other people to lift your mood

There's always someone in a worse (long term) state than you. Don't dwell on your shit day - do something for them. They'll be so appreciative.

13. Be Honest. People appreciate it.

 Also skip the small talk - ask people about themselves properly. What are they scared of? What do they love? Where would they love to go? What would they love to do? Opens so many more doors than,' Where do you live?' or something. If that dress makes them look fat, tell them. NOT LIKE THAT but you know. Say 'you've looked hotter'. 

14. You can buy trainers which look used. 

Mad huh. I sound like a right mum. How do people feel satisfied wearing these? They're SO pointless! The best thing about new trainers is the freshness. They're not dirty inside, but still! (Golden Goose Vintage)

15. How to blow dry my hair (properly)

 This is a recent thing that has solidified the notion that I am a fully grown WOMAN (Heeeeey!)

Learning all the time, aren't we?! What have you learnt in 2015? 

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