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March 2016 was the hardest month of my life - Possibly more on that to come. I fall into the group of people who eat their feelings rather than having no appetite so, true to form, here's what's been going on at RR in March including The Joker, Ground Coffee Society, Creams, Brighton Food Festival, Oki-Nami and more...

I'm sitting in bed writing this as I'm off work so have a chance to catch up on all things RR and fill YOU in on what's been going on. Sorry, it's late. I'm just getting over 2.5 weeks of bronchitis which has been truly horrible and has tailed onto the end of the saddest month of my life - losing a loved one so dear to me. He was ill for months, years even, but still nothing prepares you for when death actually takes them. It hits you like a train. Such a huge range of emotions. I think being ill is my body telling me it can't handle all this stress and that I need to take some time out to really take care of myself. So that's what I've been doing, lots of baths, early nights, skin treats, time enjoying my flat and of course plenty of delicious food....

Let's start with the recent festivities.
 Easter brought hot cross buns, did you have one? They'e so indulgent, aren't they?! I lightly toasted and then stuffed mine with rocket and avocado much to the horror of other butter-only-hot-cross-bun-purists on social media haha!
  Laugh in the face of adversity!

Baby Vegetables! Are SO CUTE! This little lot are from M&S and are so small you can hold them in the palm of your hand. They're extra delicious and sweet, too. 
Marks and spencer baby sweet potatoes cabbage and courgettes

Putney Bridge
Firstly, check out this door stop made from vegemite jars incased in glass. Cool, huh?

Putney Bridge Restaurant London

I caught up with two BAES in London where we watched the #BoatRace2016 and although I was pretty ill at that point (nothing a few cans of G&T couldn't mask) it was a great day out. 

We ate at a FIT place called Ground Coffee Society in Putney Bridge who whipped up this amazing breakfast burrito with chorizo and boy it was good. Bryn had a burger too which equally impressed and the best part was that they served beers, wines, had lovely staff one with and I quote 'Legs like a racehorse' haha, fresh flowers on the table and the boat race on the TV. Big up.

Food Festival On New Road
Ahh it's that time of year again, the food festivals are coming. The weather was right on our side for this one and even though I had to cram it into a lunch break, it was worth it...

This was the highlight of the food fest. Pulled teryaki pork with BBQ sauce inside a wholemeal (makes such a difference to me) pitta with salad. The best. From Oki Nami. Need to go back there. I went on a date there once when I was 21 with some guy who DIDN'T KNOW WHAT AVOCADO WAS. Needless to say there wasn't a second date, LOL.

The scotch eggs - chorizo and black pudding sold me however the eggs were not even slightly runny inside. Come on. It really makes a difference. 

It's tradition to always get a spicy Thai sausage and Rosie always makes me pose for a photo like this because she's filth. The sausages are so lemongrassy and lush and really cheap for £1.50 Look out for this stand...


I was naughty and ate this at Creams. It's called 'Coconut Island' and is a 'Combination of coconut, vanilla and rasberry ripple ice cream scoops drizzled with rasberry and coconut syrup, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with grated coconut with soft vanilla ice cream' 


If you're a regular reader or just know me for real you'll know my favourite drinks are Belgian beer - La Chouffe and Leffe being up there with the finest. This little Medieval style baby girl was discovered at the Devil's Dyke hotel and was under £5, which is rare for the strong beautiful beers. She's called St. Stefanus and I loved her from the minute I laid eyes on her body waiting patiently behind the glass door of the fridge - She just had to be mine. Although she claims to be blonde, she's dark really (yes I got THAT close) and I especially like the packaging (superficial sucker) because it's got a signature on it of the brewer! So novel! 


I got cared for with unlimited emotional support and copious incredible feedings from the lovely Rosie Posie. She really knows how to look after me. Thank you so much for everything, I don't know what I'd have done without you <3

I made a joke about her new found flexibility
Prawn & Papaya Salad With Glass Noodles 
Her famous cure-any affliction- Ramen which was spanking as usual, this time with wild salmon, seaweed, brown shrimp, gyoza and her favourite Clarence Court eggs (she don't mess about)
Her equally as famous chicken wings smothered in her FUCKING AWESOME hot sauce
She knows I LUUURVE those wings, she's now made them for me three times and they never falter or get old. I want them now. I want them now. NOW. I WANT THEM NOW.  

The Joker

We took our love of wings to the Joker, the new(ish) pub at Preston Circus, Brighton, to see what their wings were all about. We warned them on Twitter that we had an insaitable wings appetite as well as know how to make our own spankers so I guess the pressure was on! Anyway we showed up and were instantly excited at the sides part of the menu: halloumi, mozarella sticks, chicken skins were all snapped up and nothing was substandard. The chicken skins were GREAT value at £1.50 for a massive portion and were crunchy, salty and good, like pork scratching. 

the joker brighton

the joker brighton
Food porn - the Mozzarella sticks
The chicken skins 
Vincent sauce on chicken wings
I had the Vincent - mango pulp, dutch chilli and scotch bonnet.

My wings were spicy but the real highlight was the delightful mango pulp which was really noticeable and FIT.

We were offered a little dipping pot of the naughtiest, spiciest, most hardcore sauce to dip our chips in and advised to do it last as it will be mental. It was mental. It was also fucking addictive and I couldn't stop eating it even though my lips and mouth were on fire and I was sweating. Good shit. 

lunch deal
Our feast 
The wing hatch 
So in sum, I urge you to go and try those wings and if you can, get the lunch deal as you get wings, curly fries and a beer for £10 or soft drink for £8. 

Home Comforts

I got brought up a pasty from Cornwall and was so delighted that it was an authentic Warren's pasty because I grew up on these babies. Forget Ginsters - I'll spit at you with the mere mention of the name. This is where it's at. RIGHT ON! If you are reading this in the PZ area, get yourself down to Warren's on my behalf please and then tell me about it so I can live vicariously through you. Thanks in advance. Medium steak please.
Cornish pasty

I made my own pasties shortly after this so check back for the recipe soon.

Recipes From March

Here's a round up of the latest recipes from March.







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  1. March really was a shitter of a month. I am currently trying to clobber together a month round up with similarities and can't get the words right. You have put it so eloquently. I am sorry you have had such a horrible time of it, I hope things pick up in April.

    Also, I should NOT have read this before lunch. I am so hungry. And want all the chicken wings. And some of Rosie's ramen, it looks soooooooo good!

    Enjoy your week off lovely :o)