Japanese Style Breakfast With Cauliflower Rice (Tamago kake gohan)

by - May 28, 2016

A carb-free twist on the classic Japanese breakfast, Tamago kake gohan, of rice with raw egg, vegetables and soy sauce

Popular Japanese street food, this classic Japanese breakfast may leave you wondering what all the hype is about - raw egg? Yes, it's controversial and if you've never tried it you may be hesitant but once you've done it the first time, you'll be fearless and stronger you culinary adventurer, you. 

It's traditionally done with rice, of course, but here on RR things get a bit shaken up in light of omitting the nutrient-void carb in favour of another vegetable. 

What the hell is cauliflower rice?

Introducing 'Cauli-rice' which is raw cauliflower blended up to crumbs to substitute rice. Have it with curries and other dishes where rice is a staple and you'll lose weight and have more energy. 

Japanese style breakfast with cauliflower rice tamago kake gohan

Are you hardcore?

It is worth noting now before we go any further that you have to be hardcore to eat raw egg and raw cauliflower and raw broccoli in the same dish. If you want, try just one of these elements raw first - I'd go for the raw egg in hot rice with slightly steamed broccoli. This just kinda happened and to be TOTALLY honest with you, it was not as good as it looks but I think I put too much soy sauce in and didn't use the freshest cauliflower. 

You can serve whatever you like on the top but traditionally some kind of crunchy vegetable, soy sauce, sesame seeds (if you have them) and seaweed or another fishy product like anchovies to complete the dish works best. If you want to keep it vegetarian, just go with plain veg. The creamy avocado compliments the salty soy sauce wonderfully. 


1 cup of rice or cauli rice (you can buy cauli rice pre-made)
1/2 a cup of assorted toppings - I used peas, small chopped broccoli and avocado sliced
Dashing of light soy sauce
1 egg
Sesame seeds (if you have them)
Salt & Pepper


Separate your egg so that you have the yolk and the white ready to go. This is optional, there are many variations on this because some people are fine with cracking the whole egg onto the rice and then mixing it in, others like to fluff the white into the rice first before adding the veg (which is what I've done here) and then allowing just the yolk to be left on the top - I think this looks cooler and also it will slightly cook the white more, which will remove some of the raw egg taste. 

You could also just fry the egg and have it on the rice if you are not cool with raw egg yet. Depends how traditional you are willing to go. Cooked tastes better hands down. 

I microwaved the cauli rice until it was piping hot, then mixed the egg white in, which creates a scrambled egg texture then quickly arranged the toppings, added the yolk and the soy sauce with a big helping of black pepper and another pinch of salt.

Eat straight away!

Japanese style breakfast with cauliflower rice tamago kake gohan

Let me know whether you have been brave enough to try this and what you think in the comments below!

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