Spicy Lamb Sausages With Raw Slaw

by - May 31, 2016

spicy lamb sausages recipe

Deliciously-tasty spicy lamb sausages from a high-quality butchers accompany a red cabbage and carrot 'slaw for an Eastern European-themed dish perfect for summer BBQs...


Spicy lamb sausages from the best butchers in Hove here in East Sussex, Canhams! Get yourself down there and see what they' got! Their pork pies are serious, their scotch eggs even more so, they do great sandwiches, salads, the SEXIEST brownies which take you on a fast-track to heaven, millionaires shortbread, normal shortbread (I say normal, it's like 90% butter) and lots of different cuts of meat both raw and cooked. 

I asked my brother for a little surprise from there as he goes there almost daily and he bought be back some of these sausages. With very little in the fridge and a new blender to play with, this dish just kinda happened. 
Long Johns

Red cabbage marries well with lamb and the creamy slaw compliments the spicy full-tasting sausages. You could whip up a big bowl of the slaw and have it ready to go for a BBQ and serve a range of different meats to go with it. It pretties up the plates and if you've got a blender, just chuck it all in and it's done in 2 minutes. 


(Serves 1)

Big hunk of red cabbage - let's not piss around with measurements, just put in as much as you want
A couple of carrots
Juice of a lime
Couple of large dollops of mayonnaise


Griddle your sausages in a little olive oil 'til they are browned on the outside (about 5-10 minutes on a medium heat) 

Normally I like to make a spicier slaw like the one below but as these sausages are already pretty moody, let's keep it chill this time. Feel free to add apple if you want - it makes it sweeter and really fresh. 

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