Kebab-Shop Style Wraps

by - May 20, 2016

Because there's nothing more satisfying than a meat sandwich! Spicy chicken, a generous dollop of humous, creamy mozzarella, hot onions and freshly chopped salad...

Kebabs are my go-to post drinking food because nothing beats spicy meat. The best one in Brighton is definitely Casba on Western Road. They are amazing and always up for a pissed-up laugh, too! 

Making your own wraps is fun - Will it or won't it stay together?! You're having HOW MUCH cheese in yours? You can do whatever the Jeff you like in the wrap really. Cheese, humous, spicy chicken and salad is always a winning combination whether it's in a tortilla or not so if you're gluten-free or don't fancy the bread, either use a large romaine lettuce leaf or have all the components on a plate and add some baked sweet potatoes (that's a top-5 favourite meal of mine)

To recreate these wraps:

Get some plain tortilla wraps from the supermarket or corner shop - most corner shops have them. 

Marinate your chicken, if you can, in some olive oil, chopped chilli, lemon juice, paprika, salt and pepper for extra flavour. 

Heat your wrap in a dry frying pan on a low heat to make it more flexible. 

Throw it all on.

Use the humous like glue and wrap it up! 
I used red cabbage because shredded cabbage has that real  kebab shop feel and it's so pretty! 

How do you eat yours?! 

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