The New Prawn Cocktail

by - May 24, 2016

Smashed avocado with chilli, little gem lettuce, lime and olive oil makes the perfect bed for a load of fat, juicy king prawns. Got a fork?

Gone are the days of the Marie Rose laden prawn cocktail in a dessert glass - yes it served us well in the '70s and will always remain a classic but everything benefits from a little update now and then. 

Smashed avocado is very trendy - if you're on Instagram, you'll know that not a day goes by without seeing it somewhere prettying up a plate with an egg or something. It's amazing, that's why. 

You wouldn't notice from the picture but there's a load of lettuce blended into this mashup. It's a good way to add texture and cheaper because avocados are hard to come by, especially ripe ones (I waited a week for this one to ripen, Aldi!). You can think of it as a 'pimped' guacamole.

All you need for this is a masher, or a fork or a small blender (the latter preferably) I bought myself a cheeky little blender (see below) for my birthday recently which is great for making guacamole, pesto, sauces, dips etc and used it in this recipe.

So without anymore blabbering, here's how to make this super FRESH tasting quick lunch. 

 (Serves one - yeah you deserve it)

1 Ripe avocado - peeled
1 Red chilli - deseeded
1 Clove of raw garlic
Half a head of little gem lettuce
Juice of half a lime + extra for garnishing
Big Glug of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Black Pepper
Large Handful Of King prawns 

So if you don't have a blender just finely shred your lettuce and finely chop your garlic and chilli before mashing in the avocado and squeezing the lime juice in. Add the olive oil little by little so that you can control the consistency to your liking and season well with black pepper. 

If you've got the blender available - chuck it all in there and pulse 'til it's chunky.

Scoop it onto a plate, throw all your lovely fat prawns on then finish with an extra squeeze of lime juice!  

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