Food Revolution Day 2016

by - June 15, 2016

 A group of girls from Korea, Brazil, England, Turkey, Germany & Switzerland making Vietnamese food. Now that's some global reach!


We got together and I demonstrated how to make the very sticky, delicious summer rolls that taste so fresh and look so pretty. NB. - if you're looking for a group cooking activity or competition, these are great fun to make in a group! Firstly, the results are VARIED as all the different levels of roll-wrapping skills appear around the table and when someone does one really well it goes down a storm and they want to make loads. I certainly do anyway!

 Secondly, you can tailor the ingredients to what you like/dietary requirements. Thirdly, the rice paper is so sticky and floppy and wet that it results in MANY LOLS!

I think these girls were pleasantly surprised to be making something delicious - which all Vietnamese food is, hands down - because the last thing I made for them was representing English food in the form of Mini Cornish Pasties [Click here to Make Mini Cornish Pasties!] 

Watch the brief video of how the afternoon went down below! 

Happy Food Revolution Day 2016!

Did you do anything for food revolution day 2016? Have you ever made summer rolls?
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  1. I need to make these with Jago- I reckon he'd love it!