Mini Cornish Pasties

by - June 15, 2016

mini cornish pasties recipe

Back to the Cornish roots! Mini steak, swede, onion & black pepper pasties! RIGHT ON!


I really love surprising people with food that can be produced in England because, due to my many meetings with International students, I'm so aware that English food has a bad reputation abroad - it's 'boring'. I totally agree and think that old school traditional English food is quite bland and lacking but that modern British food is so great. Especially here in Brighton. 

So these are updated in the way that they are small. NOT MUCH OF AN UPDATE. No but that's how we Cornish work, we do things 'dreckly' - do you know what that means? It means directly. But in your own time. So it would be on your list of things to do but you won't have determined an order for those things. At all. Yet. So saying dreckly is like an insurance plan, you'll do it but can't promise when. These pasties will get modernised dreckly. The thing is, they have though, haven't they?! And they're RUBBISH. I've seen a 'Mediterranean' pasty - something about sundried tomatoes? And it was just NO NO NO. Even a cheese and onion is too much change for my liking.

Ingredients (YEW) Makes 10 Small Pasties

'ere get yourself one of these 'andsome boys, a turnip (otherwise known as a swede to emits) 
Chop her up nice and small 
Couple of 'taties (that's potatoes)
One white onion - diced
Lots of cracked black pepper
A pack of Just Rol pastry - I used short crust but think (flaky) puff pastry would be better
1 egg beaten to death - for brushing
1 pack of beef skirt (because all cows, male or female, wear meat skirts)

mini cornish pasties recipe


Pre-heat the oven to 200

So roll out your pastry and then cut it into little circles. Mine were about a hand span across (I've got small, ladies hands)

Then fill the center of each circle with a little bit of all the ingredients

Ensure you're not over-filling it because you're going to need it to be folded without spilling out. This is what I struggled most with because I wanted them FAT and BURSTING not empty sallow little disappointments.

mini cornish pasties recipe

Ensure you give them a hench amount of pepper on each one and then brush the outside of the circle with the egg and seal them up. 

Get your crimp on. Pinch and move it. Pinch and move it. Practise makes perfect.

Bake at 200 for 5 minutes and then turn down to 180 for the next 10 minutes until golden. 

They will be piping when you get them out! 

Enjoy with some ketchup (if you are mad) they need NOTHING except a good attitude and a stubborn demeanor.

Beer is OK.

Talk to me (In Cornish, if you want) in the comments below or hit me up on social media for more fit food and fun!


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