Mango Hot Sauce Glazed Turkey Breast With Veg

by - July 04, 2016

Summer on a plate!
You seriously need to get yourself some fruity hot sauce - it goes so well on meat, cheese and especially ice cream [click here to read "Baked rhubarb, ice cream & mango hot sauce"]

This is a very straight forward recipe and I am a huge advocate of buying Turkey breast steaks often. Why? 

1. They are cheaper than chicken breast.
2. They contain high levels of tryptophan - which converts to serotonin. Happy? YEAH!
3. They cook quickly
4. Variety, yo. 


Fruity hot sauce
Turkey steak
Veg of your choice
Salt & Pepper


Coat your turkey in the hot sauce and fry on a medium heat - preferably on a griddle - for around 5 mins on each side
Meanwhile steam your veg then coat in butter and salt and pepper


I got my hot sauce from Burning Desire foods in Brighton and it's amaaaazing

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