Baked Rhubarb, Ice Cream and Mango Hot Sauce

by - May 09, 2016

Baked Rhubarb, Ice Cream and Mango Chilli Sauce  recipe

Tangy Rhubarb Meets Creamy Cold Vanilla Ice Cream Topped With Sweet Mango Hot Sauce Finished with Biscuits.... HOT Summer Dessert Sorted!

This is officially the first RHUBARB recipe on a blog about recipes entitled 'Raw Rhubarb'! 

Wahey! It's here! All those die hard rhubarb fans who get misdirected here can now finally find a reason to stay! 

rhubarb baked sugar

Have you ever tried mango hot sauce, though? 

Seriously addictive. I ate so much when I got the bottle home that I thought my heart was having palpatations because its SO SPICY but at the same time so mangoey that you just want to eat all of it but then get instantly SETONFIRE in your mouth so you have to stop. That's why having it on ice cream is just amazing because that creamy cold goodness soothes any kind of chilli burn you might be experiencing. It's wicked. 

Baked Rhubarb, Ice Cream and Mango Chilli Sauce


-As much ice cream as you want in your bowl
-As much rhubarb as you have 
-As much mango hot sauce as you can handle
-A couple of biscuits - don't go mad, it's not Christmas

How To Make

-Cut and wash your rhubarb (bonus points here if you've grown it yourself)
-Place it in a baking tray with about half a cup of water on it and a few heaped tablespoons of dark sugar
- Bake until soft (20 mins on 180) 
- Throw it all together with some smashed up digestives

Whether you tell your guests it's HOT mango sauce or just mango sauce is up to you! heh heh heh...

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