Coconut, Blackcurrant & Mint Smoothie

by - August 15, 2016

Coconut Milk, Blackcurrants, Smashed Mint & Water  - An idea from Jamie Oliver that makes a refreshing pretty summer drink

This is just a really quick post to share this idea - I saw it on Jamie's Facebook page and can't actually find the recipe anywhere online so maybe it was an impromtu by him but I gave it ago and it was delish. 

Make the most of the blackcurrant season! They are so full of vitamin C and so sour I love them. 

The quantities I used were:

1 can coconut milk
Punnet of blackcurrants
Handful of fresh mint - clapped. Yes put it in your hands and clap hard to release the flavour.
Water to taste

Blend it baby
Coconut, mint, blackcurrants

coconut, blackcurrant & mint smoothie

Recipe by Jamie Oliver

Recipe by Jamie Oliver

recipe from jamie oliver

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