Baked Salmon and Purple Mexican Salad

by - August 14, 2016

Omega-3-rich deliciously creamy salmon sits on a vibrant purple salad full of peppery radishes, crunchy red cabbage, and fragrant coriander

I served this salad last year with some skewered chicken on my very first food stall at a small market and the bright purple, red, and pink hues attracted customers – as well as that to-die-for smell of charred chicken. It was advertised as ‘Paleo’ food which made me smile – I was probably the first Paleo street food stall in Brighton! 

I always find it disappointing that some element of a carefully coordinated street food on offer has to be omitted for me to feel satisfied – such as the big naan bread, the rice, the noodles, or the pasta part. We just need more Paleo street food in general!

This recipe is perfect for a new pairing with salmon and a salad beyond the usual green one. With a Mexican feel to it, the bright array of vegetables accompanies chicken or tuna with the same results. It’s got so much flavour that you don’t need to do much at all to the salmon; just a light seasoning and some olive oil allows the fish to stand alone. Here we use raw red cabbage rather than the standard mayonnaise-heavy white cabbage coleslaw. Poor red cabbage rarely gets a look in with cold food as we seem associate it with hearty warming stews and other winter dishes. Yet it is such a nutritious, beautiful vegetable, which goes well with summery citrus flavours

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