Smoky Tomato Soup With Chorizo, Butter Beans & Spinach

by - August 18, 2016

Jamie Oliver Minestrone Soup Recipe Twist

This is one of those recipes that gets better overnight - luckily this soup is beautiful cold, as a kind of meaty gazpacho - perfect for hot or colder weather...

This is the seventh twist in the series of ten twists that us Food Revolution Ambassadors [Click here to see what that means] are doing on Jamie's 10 essential life-saving meals. His meal is minestrone soup. My twist omits the pasta yet still focuses on the tomato, pork, beans and veg content. Spicy chorizo, smoky paprika, butter beans and tomato go way back - but my addition of a big handful of raw spinach at the end as well as the lemon adds a new element of freshness and that vital pop of green. 

 (Makes 3-4 servings)

140g Diced spicy chorizo
1kg Passata
1 Red onion - diced
2 garlic cloves
Juice of half a lemon
1 Tin of butter beans
Black pepper
1 Red chilli - sliced 
1 Tsp Smoked Paprika

How To Make
Jamie Oliver Minestrone Soup Recipe Twist

Sautee your chorizo in a little olive oil on low until crispy and reserve some in a bowl for a garnish.

Add your onion & garlic to the pot and fry for a further 5 mins. 

Add the passata, beans, paprika, chilli & lemon & turn the heat down to a simmer for 15 mins.

Turn the heat off. Season to taste and blend if you want to. I like my soups blended but this works fine as a chunky monkey. 

Upon serving, grab a handful of spinach and stuff it into each bowl, top with the garnishes & you are ready to go!

Jamie Oliver Minestrone Soup Recipe Twist

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