Halloumi & Butternut Squash Stir Fry with Tahini & Balsamic Dressing

by - September 07, 2016

Celebrating butternut squash being readily available to buy in 'boodle' form by adding crispy halloumi, creamy tahini, tart balsamic and friendly vegetables

Tahini is not just reserved for houmous and babaganoush, no no. It can be whipped with a little water and a few other bits of flavouring to make a tasty dressing.

This is the 8th of the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador's twists on his 10 life-saving meals; his veggie stir-fry noodles which you can find here 

My twist is to replace the noodles with more vegetables - in the form of 'boodles' or butternut squash noodles if you're new to the ever-evolving lingo! Boodles = butternut squash noodles (spiralized squash) and coodles are courgette noodles, or 'courgetti' - and you will have seen them as they're everywhere now. Still don't know the term for spiralized beetroot yet which I've seen readily in Tesco. Beetroodles? You tell me.

Ingredients (Serves 2)

1 pack of butternut squash noodles (Or spiralize them yourself if you've got the gear)
1 block of halloumi 
Some little cooked beetroots in vinegar or balsamic if you can get them
Handful of mangetout
Salted organic butter for frying
Salt & Pepper 

For The Sauce:

2 tbsp tahini
1 clove of garlic, crushed
Big pinch of salt
Balsamic glaze
4 tbsp water


In a bowl, mix up the tahini, garlic, salt and water until it forms a creamy sauce. Play around with quantities until you have the consistency you want. 

Fry your halloumi on a griddle pan for around 3-5 minutes on medium, turning halfway, until golden.

Meanwhile in a separate pan, fry your boodles and mangetout in a little butter with some salt and pepper. 

NB you are not frying the beetroot!

Arrange it all on a plate with the beetroot and then drizzle first with the tahini sauce then secondly with the balsamic. 

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassadors Recipe Twist

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