Banana Berry 'Nice Cream' with MCT Brain Octane Oil

by - August 29, 2016

High-fat slushie/nice cream breakfast recipe using MCT brain octane oil for improved mental alertness, performance and energy

You've probably heard of bulletproof coffee by now - the coffee that's made using butter in a blender with brain octane oil?

Check it out here (before I had the real stuff)

I was so excited to be given some of the real deal for my birthday: the bonafide bulletproof, the genuine grind.

And since I've started using it, I've noticed it really does wake you up and keep you alert for longer than normal coffee. Plus adding butter to your coffee just makes it HEAVENLY! 

However, I was unaware of the side effects of using too much MCT oil and being an ex-barmaid, I got a little splash-heavy with my servings, just thinking it would be 'fine'.

SICK!... in a bad way!

The result? NAUSEA. Yep took me a while to make the connection. I had feeling sick ALL DAY down to biting into a home grown plum and finding a maggot in it but no, the next day I also felt sick but later on in the day and although my stomach felt nice and trim because I wasn't hungry - there was definitely something wrong as it was hurting and I've got a steel stomach immune to poisoning (we'll put that down to eating kiwi skins and the like) I was thinking maybe my body couldn't handle drinking loads of butter first thing but I do that most weekends on my fry ups so it wasn't that. Then I googled it and it was all over the web: bit late to the party with that one! 

So watch out, unless you want to experience symptoms such as: irritability, sickness, bloating, stomach ache etc. 

What is 'Nice Cream'? 
Back to the nice cream. You may have seen that I had an abundance of RIPE-AS-YOU-LIKE bananas so naturally made some banana bread...

...And decided to make 'Nice Cream' with the rest of them, as inspired by Deliciously Ella. All you gotta do is slice some bananas and freeze them, then blend them when they're frozen and she's right; they blend into the creamiest ice cream that you wouldn't believe is just bananas!! Say WHAT?!

You can add any nut butters you want or some other flavourings like cinnamon and honey but this one is a handful of frozen summer berries, a splash of orange juice and a splash, yes A SPLASH (Woah there, treacle! measure it as instructed) of brain octane oil. 

What does 'brain octane oil' taste like?

It's totally undetectable. It just adds creaminess as it's basically coconut oil. The benefits of eating more coconut oil are endless too but weightloss is up there as MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides and fat just loves to be melted by those. Fight fat with fat! It also fights candida and I read that the pain I was experiencing could be candida die off so it's all gravy (it's not actually gravy but you know what I mean)

In hindsight I didn't need the orange juice (too much sugar!) it's rare to even have it in the fridge but it made it look and taste more beautifully tropical. 

Play around with combinations and let me know your favourite in the comments below or hit me up on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube & Twitter for more fit food and fun!

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