Niumer Of The Week: An Interview!

by - September 27, 2016

I was honoured and very happy to answer some questions for the people at Niume who selected me as Niumer of the week! Read the interview here...

Delicious-looking posts that uncover irresistible combinations of ingredients and fresh flavours, as well as offer a culinary adventure. Intrigued? Check out Jenna Sinclair’s creative and healthy recipes which are all about food that’s energising the body, captivating the eye, and invigorating the mind. We asked Jenna about some of the struggles and benefits of being a food blogger and what drives her passion for preparing delightful culinary creations.  
How did you learn about Niume?
I was directly approached by a member of the Niume team, who had noticed and liked my blog and suggested I share some of my content to Niume to increase readership and reach.
What initiated your fascination with food and blogging? Did you go through any culinary courses / classes?
I have always loved being creative, I love drawing, writing, face painting, photography making videos and even writing rhymes and music and so blogging encompasses all of these and my passion for food was born when I moved to university and started cooking for myself. I was trying to lose weight and improve my skin and was always researching ways to do this through nutrition. I finally settled on identifying most strongly with the paleo/ketogenic diet last year and now most of my meals (80%) are designed around that, my parents didn't really cook very well so I decided to teach myself but I have worked in a cafe as a cook for 6 weeks where I learnt a lot and a couple of restaurants as a waitress.

What drives your passion towards healthy eating?
I was brought up by mum who taught me a lot about nutrition as she was very interested in it and I was lucky enough to have a lot of healthy foods in the house. I rejected it a little as a teenager (naturally!) and then re-discovered my appreciation for such a good grounding later on when I realised how amazing food is for your health. Prevention is better than cure!
Your posts at Niume present intriguing combinations of flavours and ingredients. What inspires you to experiment with food? Any books, famous chefs, cooking shows, or perhaps other blogs?
I am a food revolution ambassador for Jamie Oliver because absolutely love his style and his approach to food - his liberal use of olive oil, his rustic presentation and his emphasis on flavour. I also really like Ottolenghi's dishes - they are beautiful.

What is the one ingredient that makes everything taste better?
Butter. And cracked black pepper :)
Not only are your recipes delicious, they are also aesthetically pleasing! How did you develop this skill in food presentation?
This is one of the parts of blogging that I enjoy the most! I studied photography at college and I think that plays a big part in the overall result as the composition is important. I love colours and using contrasting colours or at least a lot of different or deep colours is important for me to get the desired result. More so than texture. Luckily there is so much variety in natural food from which to choose.

What type of cuisine do you like to explore the most?

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