Ultimate Weekday Breakfast

by - September 26, 2016

Wave goodbye to sugar laden granola, cereal or stodgy overnight oats. Say hello to beautiful, ethereal, swirly bliss-bowls of delight. Don't be surprised if a unicorn emerges from the fruity whirlpool...

You want weekday breakfasts to be easy right? Fast, cheap (always) and delicious as well as satisfying. There are many theories out there - eat breakfast, skip breakfast and do intermittent fasting but essentially it's all down to what you like and what works for you. 

I had to share this with you as I've been LOVING having breakfast again recently (as opposed to fasting 'til mid morning and then having an avocado) and have found this to be The Ultimate. 

I have an early lunchbreak which I don't mind and this always keeps me going until midday. Bearing in mind I shovel it in at around 8.40am just before leaving (That's a lie because I'm always late. Ok, fine, 8.50am) So it does a good three hours work especially when combined with a lot of fluid (I drink a shit load in the morning - water, black coffee, white coffee, Berrocca) 

This can also be made the night before and it won't spoil. I wholeheartedly LOVE it. Plus it's pretty AF. Look at that fairy shit going on. Top with seasonal fruit for variety and add oats if that's your thing - especially with the colder months coming. Overnight oats are everywhere and loads of people rate them. I feel exceptionally bulky after eating porridge so I tend to seriously limit the intake. However, with this, any kind of 'filler' such as oats, or cereal, granola, etc is unecessary because it's high fat and high protein. 

So the answer is:

4 Tablespoons organic bio yoghurt
2 Heaped tablespoons almond butter
1-2 teaspoons extra virgin coconut oil
Half a cup of frozen berries - defrosted overnight in the fridge
Handful of mixed seeds
Squeeze of raw honey
Another portion of fruit (like figs or half a banana)

That's your fruit intake then done for the day. Don't eat fruit later on in the day it will make you fart as it digests way quicker than any other food so if you eat it after dinner for example, it'll sit on top of your shepard's pie digesting super fast and then you'll just be a bloated farter and noone wants that, do they?

Whats your ultimate weekday breakfast? 

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