Courgetti Beef Sliders

by - December 10, 2016

How fun are these?! They're actually so small as well! Cute little burger pops packed with spicy pesto, sweet potato, garlicky beef, mayo and courgetti! It's a mess to eat but fun to build!

These little squashies are fragile. Like your heart. They just need to be held real tight. 

But what about the courgetti buns? Don't they just spiral out of control? Yes I hear you but the answer is to bind them together with coconut oil so they are all better behaved. 

Bake yourself some sliced sweet potato until tender (Gas 180 for 30 minutes)

Squash some spiralized courgetti together in your hands with some melted coconut oil and lemon juice then refrigerate in a circle shape with a weight on top so it holds it's shape - I did mine in a glass and stacked another glass on top.

Make yourself some tasty patties with added onion, garlic and chilli and fry until they're cooked to your liking. Some like them blackened. Some like them pink in the middle!

Stack it all together with some mayo and spicy pesto for the ultimate little cutie!
Don't forget to squash it down hard! 

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