10 Ways To Feel Better When You're Feeling Down

by - January 31, 2017

 Some little tips for when you can't shake that feeling...

1. Do something nice for someone. Wish someone a good day and genuinely mean it. Two people if you can. F*** it, why not five people? Message five people on your Whatsapp chats saying that you hope they have a good day and that something magic happens to them. They may just look out - seek and you shall find - for that good thing and find many. Studies show that altruism and compassion elevate feelings of happiness in ourselves, instantly. 

2. Get Outside. Get into nature. Even if you live inner-city and have to go over to the nearest potted plant or patch of balding grass on a pavement. Get up close to nature and take a moment to just marvel at it. A sense of childlike wonder and curiosity at the world, seeing it as though we've never seen it before, can instantly lift us up and humble us, trivialising whatever is bothering us.

3. Eat A Banana. Bananas contain potassium and magnesium which helps regulate mood and produce serotonin. They also relieve period cramps. Or cook yourself something fit from the archive of recipes - I promise that will make you feel better :) creativity always does.

4. Watch Comedy. Any clips from The Mighty Boosh, Lee Mack, Mickey Flannigan, Sean Lock, Trigger Happy TV, Cardinal Burns always make me lol and lolling is the answer. Perhaps you'll be able to laugh at your own situation in time.

5.  Remember Nothing is Permanent. This is true of feelings, circumstances and thoughts. Your thoughts are just thoughts and each one you have, even if you think it's the same one isn't the same. It has advanced in the time in which it's been gone from your mind as you have grown and changed as a person, even fractionally. The same bird doesn't chirp. You may see the same bird singing outside but when it sings the second time it's a different bird, as time has passed. This is a liberating concept to apply to your own thoughts. You're constantly learning and progressing and so are your thoughts. That's how you heal. 

6. Cry. Tears release toxins just like sweating and urinating do. They also contain hormones which relieve pain. Crying also helps improve our vision. Next time you've had a good cry, take a close look at your eyes. Sure, the surrounding area will be red and puffy but your eyes will be a brighter white. Pain is growth and you're helping yourself literally see clearer by processing and fully feeling your emotions so let it out. 

7. Stretch.  I KNOW that "Do some exercise" can often be the least well-received piece of advice when you're feeling s*** and you just want to curl up in bed forever. So just stretch. You can do it in bed! Start off by just stretching your legs out and arms. If you're feeling up for it actually do some proper stretches like touching your toes and the other ones you learnt in PE. They all help. Of course, if you're into exercise you'll know the high it gives you afterwards so if you can manage anything more then the more the better. Walk in nature and then you'll be getting two in one, won't you? 

8. Drink a Tea. Obviously tea won't cure all your problems or get to the root of what's bothering you but just taking the time to make yourself a warm drink is an act of self-care and if you can try to really focus on how nice it feels (When it's cool enough to drink, obvs, we don't want a burnt tongue making everything worse do we now?) going down and warming you up from the inside. Two world wars and one world cup and tea has been there the whole time.
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8. Talk to a Stranger. Ok, maybe don't do this if you're under 18. I'm all for child safety. But talking to someone who you don't know (In-depth if you like on an online forum, as there are plenty out there for any situation) who is impartial can give you profound perspectives. I'm lucky to be able to talk freely with people from all over the world about many different things (I tend to refrain from personal issues) but just talking to them about their lives really gives you a renewed sense of appreciation for the similarities between seemingly different people. We are all one of the same and we all just, ultimately, want happiness. Talking to someone about what they love and value can be really replenishing. 

10. Spend Time with An Animal. Let's go back to point one about altruism and compassion for others increasing your mood. This isn't limited to humans. Caring for an animal can make you feel wonderful and needed. If you can, borrow a friend's dog for the day. They provide companionship, encourages exercise and show you affection, reminding you that you're important and loved.

11. Bonus point! Schedule an appointment with a professional. You don't have to handle depression on your own. I'm personally against taking anti-depressants and believe we have the resources inside us to cure ourselves. However I know that a one size approach doesn't fit all. That's why it's reassuring to know that so many solutions exist in 2018 including talking therapeutic approaches and if you've tried those or don't get on with it, let me introduce other non-invasive innovative therapy such as TMSTranscranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) one of the most technologically advanced and effective.

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