Review: Body Fuel Cafe, Hove

by - January 05, 2017

Paleo lovers in Brighton: rejoice. Finally, we have a cafe which serves up meals that don't require subs! This place should be called "Protein Heaven" because there is no shortage of that, just masses of nutritious energising snacks, lunches and meals....

I was so excited when an invitation to visit this cafe landed in my inbox last month. Located on Church Road, Hove, it's central location and fresh, bright exterior will capture you before you've even seen the food...

I was hyped at the notion that it served paleo food because there aren't many cafes around yet that do, even in London let alone Brighton. It offers a wide range of combinations and build your own options that will satisfy any diet, especially if "Swole is the goal!" - aka you're looking to bulk up or gain muscle as the salad bar comes with the option to 'double up your protein' for an extra quid or two, which is fantastic value! We are talking not one (which is amazing enough) but TWO salmon fillets sitting atop a hench salad bowl for under a tenner! 

The same goes for the steak! 

A major plus point for me is the way that steak has been cooked. To perfection. Medium rare. If you like your steak well cooked you are CRAZY! This is the way to have it. Or rarer, IMO.  See that cheeky egg in there too? And there is quinoa under the salmon so there is protein coming at you LEFT, RIGHT and CENTRE!

I especially liked how the beetroot in the salad is the vinegary type! 

The smoothies were also delicious - We went for Go Green and Rehydration Fuel which were great - very filling, but that could have been the double protein salads! 

We also tried the "protein loaf" made from gram flour (chickpeas), which was served with a generous portion of smoked salmon and cream cheese or spinach and cottage cheese. I felt it needed butter but I am a butter fiend. Anyone trying to lose weight or eat cleanly/less fat would absolutely love this as a breakfast alternative to toast or light meal. 

In the fridges there was a wide selection of drinks and snacks such as vegan energy balls from collaborating cafe Eat Naked (Who are also AMAZING!) 

The interior is clean, spacious and modern. The staff are accommodating, friendly and the service is fast. I would like to thank all the staff who were there during our visit for making us feel so welcome and looked after! I'll definitely be going back, hopefully after I've gone and got my lazy ass down to the gym! 

So get yourself down to Body Fuel Cafe on Church Road for a beautifully nourishing, protein-packed experience that will leave you feeling recharged without costing a bomb. 
Mon to Fri: 8am - 6pm  Sat: 9am - 5pm Sun: 10am - 4pm

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