Soy, Garlic & Honey Pork Belly Slices

by - February 09, 2017

Sweet, juicy meat! Yeah! 

This recipe is one for those who love pork belly but don't want to commit to a massive joint. The result of cooking it slow and low is really succulent meat and sticky, gooey fat, which is heaven. 

You can't really get crackling on slices because blasting it at such a high heat like you would with a bigger joint would just cause the meat to cook super fast and then you might have crackling but the meat would be tough as algebra. 

So embrace the gooey, chewy fat. 

Pork belly slices are also only about £3 from the supermarket. I got mine from Tesco. 

All you need is honey, 3 garlic cloves or so, and some soy sauce. 

Lay your pork belly on a lightly oiled baking tray
Drizzle honey, soy sauce and crushed garlic over them and rub it in with your hands, don't be scared to get stuck in. 
Season and then roast on 140 degrees for 1.5 hours 

Serve with a crisp salad dressed with olive oil and lemon for contrast or a large plate of greens with a knob of butter and a twist of lemon.

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