Spicy Sweetheart Cabbage Wraps with Chicken, Humous & Crudites

by - March 09, 2017

Bread-Free Crunchy Chicken Wrap

This is essentially like a kebab but not one that you wake to the remnants of next to your bedside the morning after! It's definitively as tasty, just lighter and perfect for those of you wanting to omit bread, be it through choice or intolerance.

There are numerous beautiful pictures of wraps all over Instagram with rainbow fillings. Often they are spring or summer rolls and a lot on my feed are vegan and stuffed with a variety of beautiful vegetables and herbs.So, in comparison, these are relatively basic and I more wanted to share with you the idea that bread is NOT a necessity. You can still have fun without it. You can still have loads of foods you normally love without it and you can benefit from its absence.


Three super simple steps are all you need to make this:

1.Chop up the veg.
2. Throw it all in the leaf & squirt with sauces.
3. Wrap it up!

You can fill it with whatever you want but I used red and green pepper strips, celery sticks and carrot. You could wrap it in iceburg lettuce if you don't want the bitterness of raw cabbage as I am aware that raw cabbage is quite hardcore for some. It's gorgeous smeared with humous inside but add an extra dollop to your plate for dipping the rest of the crudites because I bet you chopped way more than would fit in the wrap! I always do. A big squeeze of lemon and you've got a really fresh, vibrant, nourishing snack or light meal that gives two fingers to bread!

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