Positive Psychology: Happiness Hack

by - April 06, 2017

A quick happiness hack on how to correlate the life you want to be living with the life you're currently living..

So what you do, is start noticing the things that make you truly happy. Then you compile a list. Then you do more of them. It's a simple and really effective way of increasing your happiness and having a good time more often because there'll be things on there you can do daily, some weekly, some less often etc.

 Research shows that when we do things through intrinsic motivation (just because we want to because we love it) instead of through extrinsic motivation (for a reward, like money for working or to avoid punishment like not speeding to avoid a fine) Or because we feel like we should (the worst) which is introjected extrinsic motivation (often be set by other people or social norms/demands) Then we increase our well being. We also do those things to high standards. Which is why you should try to do what you love for your work, as you'll do well. 

This technique may sound like a no brainier but you'll be surprised at how many people neglect things that make them happy and fail to make them a priority.

Writing them down increases awareness and helps you to realise them. Seeing that list around jogs you into remembering to prioritise time for those things and to do them.

So, you wanna know what's on my list? 

Here's my list:

Listening to drum and bass in the sun
Eating salmon
Eating seaweed
Spending time with my best friends and family- getting in those proper lols
Having good hair
Getting enough sleep
Always having flights booked
Being on/in/around the sea
Taking pictures of food
Watching comedy
Travelling/ going to new places
Being outdoors in nature
Clean bed sheets
(+Seemingly swinging upside down on a large leather swivel chair!)

What are yours? 

I challenge you to do this and put it somewhere you see it often to remind you.

Hit me up on social media, I'd love to know. X

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