Pressure King Pro: Jerk Chicken, Blackened Pineapple, Buttered rice & Slaw

by - September 17, 2017

Jerk Chicken Recipe Rice Slaw Pineapple PKP

Fruity, spiced succulent chicken cooked to perfection in just 25 minutes served with buttered rice and blackened pineapple and slaw!

I was absolutely delighted to receive a Pressure King Pro pressure cooker (PKP) having been eyeing up various paleo recipes online by other bloggers such as the renowned bone broth that's trended the superfood scene of late. Another major feature outside of the paleo sphere: the absolutely perfect rice it can produce. Almost everyone I spoke to about having a pressure cooker said "Ah, amazing, they're so good for doing rice" 

I was also hyped at the idea of making apple butter - apples cooked with just butter and a pinch of salt to create a sugar-free apple sauce [click here for the recipe] as well as the idea of pulled pork in a fraction of the time (12 -18 hours!) it normally takes to make.

Pressure King Pro Jerk Chicken Recipe

On arrival, the PKP is sleek and comes with a range of 12 pre-programmed settings to make cooking simple: Meat, Rice, Stew, Soup, Pasta, Fish,
Steam, Canning, Delay Timer, Fast Re-Heat, and dual Keep Warm/Slow Cook setting. 

There's a recipe book which is really useful if you're completely new to pressure cooking as I am - I had no idea how long to cook a whole chicken but according to this guide it's just 30 minutes for a medium chicken! Amazing! 

I decided to make jerk chicken because everyone loves a bit of FLAVA! This recipe uses super fresh ingredients to create a fruity finish with the likes of pineapple and lime that will take you straight to the Caribbean. The key is to marinate the chicken for as long as possible so it can absorb it all. To keep this recipe paleo/ketogenic just omit the rice or substitute for cauli rice or just make more slaw. 

The result is a spicy chicken, served with some gorgeous slaw, rice and finished with a fat slice of fried pineapple. Boom. This recipe is easier if you have a little blender too. Gadget club!


For the chicken marinade:

Juice of two limes
8 spring onions
1/2 cup fresh pineapple
1 tsp ground ginger
2 chillies
5 peeled garlic cloves
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp all spice
1 tsp fresh thyme
A generous pinch of salt and pepper

For the slaw:
2 carrots
1 apple
Big squirt of mayonnaise
juice of one lemon
Chunk of red cabbage

Rice - optional

A couple of slices of pineapple 


How To Make

Add your marinade ingredients to the blender and pulse until a smooth paste has formed.

Smother this all over the chicken and return to the fridge for around 5 hours or as long as you can. 

Throw the lemon juice, apples, cabbage and carrots in a blender and pulse until it's finely chopped. 
Stir in the mayonnaise and season. Set aside in the fridge. 

If you're making rice, especially brown rice like me, you'll want to cook that now. I did mine on the hob because I wanted to save the PKP for the chicken but you could do the rice first (10 mins) and then keep warm while you do your chicken to get the most out of the PKP. This would also save time. I should have done this! Oh hindsight!

On the PKP - if it's the first time using it you'll need to give it a good steam out by just boiling some water on the steam setting for 30 mins to ensure all the filters are properly clean. After that you're good to go. Heat some oil and add the chicken with the lid off for 6-8 minutes to brown it. 

Then secure the lid and let it do it's magic for 30 minutes! It's amazing! After the 30 minutes is up, let the steam and pressure out of the PKP and let the chicken rest for 5 minutes. In this time you can fry your pineapple on a medium heat in a little butter.

Lift the chicken out of the pressure cooker, check it's done (sizes vary) and transfer to a dish for carving!

 I love adding butter to rice as well as lots of black pepper to give it some welly.

Serve up with your seasoned rice, slaw, fresh chillies, lime slices and pineapple!

Pressure King Pro is available via High Street TV here 

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