What is 'Witching Hour' (Overthinking At Night) & How To Beat It

by - September 10, 2017

You lie awake in your bed, fully aware that you must rise in 6 hours time yet you still cannot stop those anxious thoughts whirring around your mind. You can't turn off that chatterbox which categorically takes you on a hypothetical journey of 'what if's, while the clock ticks away methodically.

Maybe you pick up your phone and Google a few things which are on your mind. You know it's 'bad' to be looking at a screen this close to bedtime, in the pitch black, yet we still do it, because we want answers. Why is this like this? Why hasn't that happened? etc etc. Sound familiar?

You are in Witching Hour. Witching hour is a general term for any nervous/worry/panic/fearful thoughts one or two hours before sleep. It normally starts around 10pm when the general waves of fatigue start yet it can be earlier if you're hungover or more tired than usual, and it goes on until you get to sleep. These thoughts can also lead to impulsive behaviour - saying things to people you might regret in the morning - sending a message to someone because you just can't stop yourself- you're just after reassurance, really - because you've been overtaken by the most common underlying human emotion, fear.

Anxious thoughts occur more often at night. You know that divine sense of clarity that you have in the morning after a restful nights sleep (once you finally get there) this is because your subconscious mind has done a great job of basically clearing up your thoughts, clarifying and emptying those bins in your head over night. Anxiety is also linked to low blood sugar levels so when you're hungry you can feel more nervous/worried.

Therefore if you can get into the habit of just noticing the time and what is going on - being able to notice and 'see' your thoughts objectively like this is instantly liberating as it separates you from them. It's a difficult concept to grasp at first because how do you escape your thoughts? They are always on, right?

Being able to notice you are thinking takes practice but everyone has the innate ability to do it, we just generally don't because the mind is so erratic it's difficult to stay with that without another thought whisking it away instantly and then boom, you're off on a thought train.

So all you need to do is notice. Notice the time. Notice the thoughts. Say 'oh look it's witching hour' don't judge yourself for engaging in it. Just notice it.

Then tell your mind you can come back to whatever thoughts it in the morning. Engage your senses - how cosy and comfy does your duvet feel on your face? Lovely, right? Enjoy that, say good night to all of your muscles one by one by instructing to relax and it'll be morning before you know it with that new found clarity and calmness. In the morning, all those thoughts will seem like madness!

Until the next night!

Lol - you've gotta love the mind, the greatest gift we have that sets us a cut above any other species on the planet - yet we use it to our own detriment, without even realising!

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