Vieve Protein Water!

by - September 03, 2017

New to hit the fitness world - protein water! What's it all about?

Regular readers here on RR will know that I don't advocate products easily because I am a huge believer in wholefoods/natural foods/paleo living etc. I refuse a lot of free products.

This year I have got really into fitness and so am all over the protein (I say all over, I don't have a large tub of powder - yet - I'm old school and just bosh two eggs) after a workout. When I was asked if I wanted to sample this new product - Vieve's new Protein Water - in all honesty I was dubious. Why? Because I didn't think it would be possible to have such a manufactured product that didn't have some sort of catch. Call that negative thinking but it's just it's still very rare to find something without sugar or other additives as the shakes and postworkout drinks dominating the market include sugar bombs such as Mars and Snickers drinks, Nourishment? Does that count as one? Straight up milk? Yes, perhaps at gyms there are more options but they're normally around £2/£3 and you can't guarantee that they're not full of sh**
You can get smoothies, which everyone thinks are healthy (don't get me started) and boast 'high protein content' but if you actually read the label, you may only find 7g. 

 Also it seemed strange that it would be such a light drink - a protein water - when all other post-workout drinks are milkshakey/thick and more of a food than a drink - they're filling. 

This sets it above the rest. My next question was "Ok, if it's so light and free of everything, how and what is making the protein content?"

I contacted Vieve and they told me it is whey (milk) protein. Therefore it's not suitable for vegans but hey, we can't have it all. This also gives it a slightly milkshakey aftertaste because of the sweetness and milk content of the drink, but it doesn't fill you up like a milky drink would. It's difficult to explain!

 So far in the range there are three different flavours - Rhubarb & Strawberry, which was my favourite, Coconut & Honey and Mint, Apple & citrus which tasted like a mojito SO MUCH that I had to double check the label that it wasn't actually mojito flavoured! That would be funny! 

As a Food Revolution Ambassador for Jamie Oliver's Food Foundation and no-sugar advocate, I highly endorse this product as being a fantastic new addition to the fitness drink market and I really hope to see it on shelves soon, I would definitely buy it. When I showed it to my brother, who is more into fitness than me (although the 'swole' competition is on now, Dave) he agreed and said it's also really refreshing to see something without obscene quantities of salt in it as his protein powder was through the roof.  

I love the colourful packaging, the taste is nice and not too artificial and it does what it says on the tin. It's easy to use because it's already prepared, so no messing with powders, you can just throw it in your gym bag and look forward to it when you come straight out and even better if you've finished all your water during your workout. It's hydrating due to it's high water content and knowing your muscles are being repaired and bulking up while drinking it with absolutely no guilt about sugar content is very satisfying indeed. 

Good work, Vieve.

Protein water is going to be in stores in early 2018 and they will cost £2.79 a bottle! 

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