Podcast Interview With Annie Grace from This Naked Mind

by - August 20, 2018

Have you started to question your relationship with alcohol? Realised it isn't all that it's cracked up to be and the fun it used to be can more than often land you in situations you'd really rather not be in? Or your waking up with hangovers that cost you your mental health more than the tiredness and/or sickness.

Annie Grace is an American marketeer turned alcohol researcher and author who quit drinking and wrote an amazing book called This Naked Mind. She wants to help de-condition the social masses who are suffering from cognitive dissonance in that they want to drink, but they don't want to drink. Sound familiar? You want to drink, but you also know it's shit. So why do you still want to drink? Well because it's fun and you can relax etc. But how fun and relaxing is it, really? If you're starting to question those perceptions, this is one for you to watch.

Check more Annie Grace out here, she's awesome and I think the message she's spreading backed by the monumental amount of scientific research is relevant, timely and essential.

Life is so much better on the other side.

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