Excited to Announce The Little Book of Happy, Healthy Living!

by - September 25, 2018

Introducing the collaborative work of 19 bloggers, writers and health experts, who came together this summer to create The Little Book of Happy, Healthy Living. The book is 160 pages long, with 22 wellness articles giving advice and tips on a multitude of health subjects, including fitness, sleep, nutrition, mental health, food and psychology...

Compiled by the wonderful Jo Romero, from Comfort Bites, blogger and experienced food writer and recipe developer, you'll find advice from experienced accredited nutritionists, chefs, fitness gurus and life coaches (hello!) as well as other recipe developers and bloggers. We've also written 29 recipes for you which are gluten and refined sugar-free plus many other dairy and nut free recipes too. WOW. 

The recipes are varied and globally inspired by the wonderful cuisine of Malaysia, the colours of India and Europe too. The pics are sensational. Well done Jo!

I think my favourite recipe might the Kohlrabi Noodles with Prawns and Brown Crab by Emma Farrell or the Chicken Skin Crisps by Tash D'Cruz... not forgetting the walnut and coconut fat fudge by Donna Crous OMG such sexy food.

It's a fantastic opportunity to discover new bloggers and wellbeing experts to follow (all social media and website links are included) and to have a go-to wellbeing bible all in one place on your laptop or e-book reader or other device (phone/computer)

My contribution has been based around Psychology and my experience as an Applied Positive Psychology Postgraduate student told me to create two articles for you: An Introduction to Positive Psychology and Self Transcendence: Why you should live each day like it's your best friend's birthday. I feel everyone should know more about the fresh approach Positive Psychology is bringing to the discipline - celebrating and studying what's RIGHT about people instead of traditional psychology, coined "The Disease model", which focuses on what's WRONG with people. So have a read, enjoy all the sumptuous recipes, learn something new about sleep, exercise, meditation, cooking, beauty, skincare, yoga, offal, core strength, play and bloating and let me know what you think!

The ebook is priced at just £8.99!

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