5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Cycle More

by - June 09, 2020

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Cycling has become huge at the moment as people are ditching public transport for health reasons and what better time to get on your bike when the planet is also calling for us to do so! The bike shop near my house has constant queues around the corner! Cycling is also a great way to stay fit. It’s also a cheap and eco-friendly mode of transport for getting around locally (and a lot quicker than walking).

Cycling can also be a lot of fun and can give you many adventures. One of my best memories is cycling across the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco! Or through London on the Boris bikes! However, as much as it may give us a thrill while we’re doing it, finding the motivation to get on our bike after a long day can be difficult.

To help motivate you to cycle more regularly (or indeed to take up cycling in the first place), here are a few tricks that could help to spur you on.

Set yourself cycle goals

If you want to get into any hobby, you need to set yourself goals. When it comes to cycling, there are many goals that you can aim for. You could look into charity bike rides that require you to train up for a challenging cycle ride while raising money for a cause. Alternatively, you could set yourself a weight loss goal or the goal of simply toning up your thighs. Meanwhile, if you don’t like cycling for the sake of cycling, you could set yourself goals to each trip such as cycling to the shops or using it as an opportunity to explore new places in your local area.

Record your cycle activity

Recording your cycle activity makes it easier to work towards goals by allowing you to track your performance and progress. There are many cycling apps that you can use to record your performance as you ride allowing you to measure your speed during certain parts of the route. You could also consider recording video footage of your cycle rides – being able to watch this footage or share it with friends could be an extra motivation. I use my watch to record activity and love looking back at the data its collected over time to track progress and time spent active.

Time it right

You may not feel like cycling in the evening after a long day at work. If so, consider whether a morning cycle ride would be better. Studies show that exercise at the start of the day can often make people happier and more productive. If you don’t have much time to cycle during the week, you could alternatively schedule cycle trips for the weekend.

Cycle with other people

Cycling can be a social activity. While some people prefer to cycle alone, others may be spurred on more by the prospect of cycling with friends or family members. You could even set joint long-term goals such as both signing up to a sponsored cycle ride or both trying to shed some pounds.

Invest in the right gear

There are certain times of the year when venturing outside on a bike isn’t particularly appealing. By investing in some thermal waterproof clothing, you can make cycling in the rain more comfortable. This could spur you on to continue cycling throughout the winter. Similarly, there are summer cycling clothes that can keep you cool if you don’t like cycling in the heat. Whatever you do, always wear a helmet and stay safe!

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