Tips For Getting Into Better Shape

by - June 08, 2020


It’s essential that when you look in the mirror each day, you like what you see and although we all have that inner critic, there may come a time when you realise that what you’re currently doing isn’t working too well and that you’re out of shape.

Instead of getting down on yourself, be glad to know there are tips you can apply that will help you get your health and fitness levels back on track. It’s easier said than done, so you have to be committed to setting goals and following through with your actions. Be honest with yourself about what poor habits you need to break and what sacrifices you may need to make to help you get into better shape. Different things work better for different people. Perhaps you are one of the #girlswholift or maybe you're a yoga or cardio bunny who loves a good dance.

Make Physical Activity A Priority

You’ll struggle to get into better shape if you sit around a lot and have a sedentary job. Therefore, you must make physical activity a priority every single day. Treat your workouts like a meeting that you can’t miss. Remind yourself how good you feel after you exercise to help you stay committed. Make it easy to get your workouts in even when the weather is rainy, or you’re in a rush by investing in Total Gym equipment for your home. You’ll have no excuses as to why you can’t exercise when you have easy access to the right exercise tools. First thing in the morning is the best time to 'eat that frog' - then it's out the way and done for the day and you can sit back smugly and reap the rewards.
Find Your Motivation

One reason you may be out of shape is that you don’t have a good reason for putting your health and fitness first. A tip that might help you get into better shape is to focus on finding your motivation. For instance, it may be that you want to look good for a friend’s wedding, be more confident in your swimming suit, or want to have better numbers at the doctor’s office. It doesn’t matter what it is that you choose, as long as it makes you feel excited and motivated to work on yourself.

Meal Plan & Cook at Home

Another tip for getting into better shape is to take the time to meal plan and cook at home. Your diet plays a significant role in your health and wellness and your weight. Educate yourself on what options offer the most nutrition and stay away from high-processed foods, added sugars, and bad fats that may delay any progress you’re making. You absolutely must read those labels and see what lurks within those packaged foods. Real food is best - a good rule of thumb? If it's not advertised, it's probably clean eating! (Ever seen an advertisement for mushrooms or broccoli?) You might come to find you enjoy cooking and how much better you feel when you eat clean. Don't forget to drink 2 litres of water a day!

Hold Yourself Accountable & Track Progress

No one can make you commit to eating a healthy diet and getting more exercise (unless you get an accountability coach). It’s up to you to make these lifestyle changes and hold yourself accountable for your actions. Get into better shape by challenging your excuses and tracking your daily progress, so the matter is top-of-mind for you. Write down your goals, what lifestyle changes you’re going to make, and weigh yourself every week, so you know exactly where you stand. Accept that you may face obstacles and roadblocks but that with a little perseverance and a can-do attitude, you’ll be able to pick yourself back up and start again.

My choice of exercise has adapted to lifestyle changes. Two years ago I was a girl who lifts, then I studied the benefits of working out outside and decided to run a marathon and started so changed to weights and running outside. Then it was just running outside. Now, it's running attached to my Husky! Everything counts!

Lots of love,
Jenna x

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