4 Amazing Choices to Make to Improve Your Life in 2021!

by - April 07, 2021


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Success isn’t something that happens overnight. Neither can you achieve it by doing only one thing in your life. To be successful, it starts from what you do when you wake in the morning until you go back to bed in the evening.

Sure, whatever you do within a day may seem trivial will less impact, but with persistence, you may notice pleasing results at the end of a week, month or year. Whether good or bad, daily actions can determine the person you will be in the next few months or years.

And if you want to improve your life, I, as an accredited, professional full-time personal development/empowerment and executive coach" invite you to make the following choices (it's an invitation because you have to make the decision and do it yourself! No one can tell you until you are ready to listen!)

To Be Better Everyday

The first choice you could make to improve your life is to be better every day. Make it your mantra that you will find ways to improve yourself every day. What 'better' means to you will be different to what it means for the next person. E.g. 'better' might mean fitter. Or 'better' might mean more present. Whatever it is, define it and start by setting realistic and achievable goals.

Such goals may include supplementing your income, improving your skills by learning something new or investing in buying a house or car. You can identify what’s keeping you stuck and find ways to get out of your comfort zone. Doing this daily will ultimately improve your life.

Eat Well and Exercise

You can also choose to eat healthily and work out. Of course, various setbacks and temptations can limit you from achieving such a lifestyle (Easter eggs anyone?). However, eating good food and working out daily depends on the choices you make. It's also about getting back onto your routine, with a healthy dose of self-compassion for being human, if you fall off.

If you choose to procrastinate preparing healthy meal plans, you will never eat healthy food. If you decide to skip going to the gym or work out at home, you will never improve your physical health. You can do exercises with your body weight; no equipment needed, such as press-ups and squats, that work major compound muscle groups.

To make things easier, consider rewarding your efforts. Rewarding yourself after exercising can motivate you to move forward. Create a tick chart and decide when your reward will happen, after 7 days? 10? Sometimes a streak can be the most motivating thing as you don't want progress to be lost. Apps can help keep you accountable if you don't want to work with a coach.

Additionally, if you want to boost your morale and productivity, you should consider healthy snack box treats. Healthy snack treats can boost your enthusiasm to work out, and they are healthy, which means they won’t interfere with your healthy eating.

Never Procrastinate

Another choice you ought to make is to avoid procrastination at all costs. It is easy for a person to procrastinate on a specific task, especially if you promise to do it later. We normally procrastinate when a task seems too big, so breaking it down into smaller and measurable tasks helps chip away it at in a managable way that leads to a sense of accomplishment.

But the truth is, there is no better time to do something than when you are supposed to do it. If you want to improve your life, avoid this habit by prioritizing tasks. Also, set deadlines, be organized, rid yourself of distractions (put that phone somewhere you cannot see it!) and use incentives to reward such efforts.

Establish Meaningful Relationships

Lastly, choose to build relationships that will have positive impacts on your life. This can be as simple as having a workout partner or someone you can start a business with. It can also be having a group of friends where you motivate each other to be financially disciplined.

However, you ought to begin by evaluating yourself and know who you are. Identify what behaviours you can tolerate in someone and your boundaries. This can lead to long-lasting healthy relationships improving your life. Have a friend who likes to workout? Ask them to share their workouts with you for extra inspiration. Tag people on social media in posts you both could do so that you're working with a partner on your shared goals.

Improving your life doesn’t have to be a big gesture. All you ought to do is implement incremental changes and work on bettering yourself every day (Nudge is a good book to read on the power of tiny little incremental changes that fuel big outcomes) With the above choices to make, it will be more than manageable. I believe in you!

If you want to work with an accountability partner in the form of a qualified, certified, empowerment coach, contact me here to get started.

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