Top 3 Foods That Promote Healthy Feet

by - September 13, 2021

 Top 3 Foods That Promote Healthy Feet

Let's talk about feet! Fun fact for you: there are 26 bones and over 150 ligaments in an adult human foot. They are amazing. Additionally, a complex network of nerves and strong muscles keep each foot well-positioned to accommodate body weight. Unfortunately, statistics indicate that foot and ankle pain is rife in the UK, with 54.4% of females (of all ages) being the most affected. Thankfully, you can take steps to ensure healthy feet at all times to foster overall wellness. Below in this article are some food suggestions you will find pretty exciting to try out. 

  1. Wholegrains

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Whole grains are rich in dietary fibre and are excellent food choices for persons focused on losing weight or controlling certain chronic diseases. However, very few people know that this superb fibre food source has a significant impact on their feet health. Whole grains are packed with zinc, manganese, iron, and other relevant trace minerals the human feet require. Manganese helps in the formation of connective tissue, contributes to the proper absorption of calcium and bone health.

A deficiency in this nutrient can result in the breakdown of several connective tissues in the body. It explains why people who seek podiatry services are usually prescribed pills with some manganese content to aid recovery or pain management. Whole wheat, brown rice, millet, and oats are excellent grains to add to your daily meals. Try barley, rye, and quinoa to switch things up a bit when you get tired of the above. 

  1. Fruits and vegetables

The primary purpose of consuming fruits and vegetables is to gain their antioxidant properties while benefiting from their host of vitamins. Most fruits have high Vitamin C content, making them excellent for collagen production. Due to the enormous presence of ligaments and tendons in the feet, you can be sure that collagen is essential for that area. Collagen forms the structural makeup of connective tissue in the body, and your feet are no exception. Cherries, blackberries, blueberries (fruits from the berry family), and citrus fruits are typical examples to add to your routine diet.

Additionally, making a conscious decision to increase your vegetable intake has tremendous benefits for your feet as well. Most lower extremity conditions are classified as inflammations of the tissue or bone. Therefore, because of the anti-inflammatory properties of green leafy vegetables, they are healthy for your feet. Moreover, green leafy vegetables lower unhealthy blood cholesterol, preventing you from packing on the kilos, leading to foot and ankle pressure. Lastly, these vegetables reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis, so keep this in mind.

  1. Omega-3 fatty acids

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Over the years, research has proven that omega-3 fatty acids have a profound impact on joint health. Also, due to their anti-inflammatory properties, these fatty acids coat the surface of tissues and bones to reduce or eliminate tenderness and soreness. Examples of foods with these minerals are chia seeds, brussels sprouts, walnuts, soya, avocado, and most oils derived from seeds. Some fish such as sardines, salmon, cod, and herrings are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

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